Friday, May 16, 2014

Fighter Pilot

The week after we saw the Blue Angels fly their F-18s (is that the right plane, Mike? ;) ), Owen decided to try to become a fighter jet pilot in his own right. I don't think I blogged about his pneumonia, but alas he did have pneumonia in April somtime. He cleared it fine, but there was some residual inflammation further injured by the seasonal allergens that were just around the corner. It seems like it's been a terrible spring for allergies in StL, but then again I think that every year.
So last week, O had a hard night, complaining of nausea. That morning he woke up and came in to bed with me when I noticed he was having trouble breathing. Every good day starts out with a little respiratory distress, right? So we spent some good ol' time in Dr. Cole's office that morning getting a breathing treatment and starting on oral steroids and singulair, too. We got to buy our very own nebulizer that day and bring it home for every 4 hour breathing treamtents. Mike had the great idea to run with the fighter pilot theme and he pulled up some fun YouTube videos to watch while O sat with his nebulizer.
He did a great job with his nebs & steroids... the steroids didn't even make him too cranky. Hopefully the singulair and zyrtec daily decrease the inflammation enough to avoid an asthma diagnosis!

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  1. Awesome idea to turn it into a fighter pilot activity! We had to do nebulizer treatments with Tyler - so scary! I HATE breathing issues. Poor Owen!