Friday, June 6, 2014

Date Night

Mike and I had a goal for 2014: MORE Dates.... one a month. Life comes quick & it's easy to not prioritize each other, so I think it's a good goal. We've done pretty well so far, and April's date was the BEST!
Mima and Papa Cooper kept the kids overnight for our first Cards game of the year.

We stayed overnight at the Hilton 360 (a beautiful hotel on my bucket list), and we started the evening out at the bar. I had the 'Yadier Mind', and I think Mike had the 'National Holliday'. I really was out of my mind, because I had 2 cocktails and could barely walk in to the ballpark.

Room with a view!

Ballpark Selfie. I so love this man, and it's awesome to spend extended time with just him. I do love my children, but I also love time without them.

We had seats courtesy of Boeing down the 1st base line. I always enjoy new vantage points at Busch Stadium, and I sure do love watching Cardinal baseball.

A great date night indeed!
May's date was with Mima and Papa Wade, Uncle Dax & Aunt Lindsey in Maui... pictures and abundant posts to come!

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