Friday, June 27, 2014

My darling Owen at 3.5

The general purpose of this blog is to document my kids growth & development so that I can ultimately remember what they were doing when. Let's be honest, I don't think I sleep well enough to remember things without writing them down. Today Owen celebrates his half birthday. I let him have dounts since he gets the shaft of having a birthday at the end of Decemeber.... at least I can make this day semi-special, too! So enjoy a little celebration of O's 3rd year thus far!
Pictured is this darling boy and his best good friend, Ralphie. Ralphie is a tiger (as is every good boy's best good friend), and he goes most everywhere. He's a much better eater than Owen, too. Good job, Ralphie. Owen still naps about an hour a day and 10.5 hours at night. We still (daily) enforce the 'must see the 6' rule for early morning awakening. He's just up at 5:45. Just becuase that's Owen. And I love him. Even at 5:45 am. Everyday.
3 of Owen's current loves. Pajamas (in public), PB&J, Parks.
I buy bandaids a lot =)
Owen selfie. I found 16 of these pics on my iPhone.
This handsome little dude continues to be quite the communicator. I find him using really descriptive words like fantastic and disgusting, and wonder at his vocab. Some of that is preschool, I'm sure. Some of it is just his ability to communicate. He pronounces all of his letters well except 'L'. I reawy wuv sentences that have a wot of 'L's in them.
Ready to swim. Wike those shark goggles?
He's been gaining confidence in the pool this summer and also seemingly really enjoying soccer. I think we'll sign him up for a little team this fall.

He's also great at riding his tricycle now, too. Coordination is, and may always be, something he has to really work on. He can thank his mother's gene pool for that!

Heading to school. He LOVES school. I love that he loves school. He loves Miss Abbey, JT, Collin, Weo (Leo), and Gabby. He loves learning songs and yoga, playing outside, playing on the computer, and being social. It's great to see him thriving in this environment. Last week I 'thought' I was being nice by picking them up an hour early. Owen cried because he wasn't ready to leave. I guess next time I'll just enjoy some mommy time! It's also worth noting that when I go for pick-up, Owen is frequently in different clothes. This is not becuase of a potty accident...but because he spilled milk on himself. #clumsy

At the zoo with Uncle Ryan. Now that's a bird's eye view!

Mommy and Owen time at the Card's game. Mima is entertaining Millie in the background. Owen's current favorite players: John Jay & Matt Adams. I guess he has an affinity toward good batting averages!

Mr. GQ at the Mo Bot Gardens!

Like Papa, like Owen.
Playing the Leap Pad on the way to Maui... see Ralphie sneaking in that photo?
O & A are starting to play a bit better together. They love to play chase/get-you-get-you. He's also a big fan at hid-n-seek, but he's muuuch better at seeking. The hiding, not so much. He just giggles.

Fell asleep at the table after our Maui red eye! This meal time was calm, but it's often still a time of some frustration with O. His palate is pretty picky, and he is hesitant to try anything  new or even have it on his plate. SO, we've started rewarding him with marbles. He gets marbles everytime he tries a new food. In the last week... tilpia, steak, and mashed potatoes. Maybe it's working? He also gets marbles for listening and for being kind to Amelia. I'm sure there will be another post about the marbles. (On that note, three has been a bit more difficult than two.. we are trying to work through some of the more challenging behavior with positive reinforcements). Stay tuned.
Additional O-isms:
- He calls the yellow part of an egg, the 'oak'.
- Last weekend he said to my dad, 'Where do your popsicles live Papa? My popsicles live in the downstairs freezer'.
- 'What's that car in front of us?'..this is in reference to ANY car in front of us. He still LOVES his cars.
- 'Had you never seen xyz'.. this is often a sill combo. 'Had you never seen a monster truck mustang?'
-  He's the social welcoming comiittee for the neighborhood, often opening the window and shouting HI to Mr. Bob or Sawyer. He pronounces it 'Soiler'. Mike and I really get a kick out of that one.
- He's starting to have an imagination for characters when he plays with his cars. I often catch him giving them a voice and having them talk to each other. Love it!
We are so grateful for our O, and we love watching him learn and grow.

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