Monday, June 9, 2014

20 Months: Beach Bum

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that the theme for this month would involve Amelia and her beaching. I'm happy to report that she's actually acquired some fear during the months of Sept- May. She was a little scared of the waves & the ocean (they are MUCH bigger in Maui), and she preferred to play in the sand and eat suckers. Her choice made her easier to parent on the beach! 
I have to admit that I almost named this post 20 months: Bird Watcher because her favorite part of vacation (by far) was tweeting with and chasing the birds. There were sparrows on our porch and quail mamas and chicks in the park.  A true delight for my little animal lover.

Somehow in the last month I seem to have lost my baby. Where did her cheeks go? Tonight when we were cuddling before bed, she was trying to put her legs around me while she laid her head on my chest (usual position). Her legs were TOO long to get comfy. Where is my baby girl!?

She sure does love her daddy. And she now calls him daddy. She often takes roll as well.. perhaps she's a future teacher? At every meal she points and says, Daddy, Mommy, Ooooo, Oskhgudghsgsgn (Oskee). Repeat. Daddy, Mommy, Oooo, Oshsifsidfsdf. She is not really attempting to say Amelia or Millie yet.

Love that my kids love all 4 of their grandparents dearly!

What? Give me food. Now. I mean please. But make sure it has sugar in it.

Yeah, just like that. I like suckers.

Every time we brought Millie in to the pool, she would say 'cold, cold'. We were proud of her new word & got her acclimated to the water with a few games!
Maui Millie.

My little athlete loves to run, climb, balance. She already whoops Owen at any athletic attempt!
She also loves to ride. When we are heading out of the house, I'm trying to get the kids in the car, and she's climbing in the stroller. Love her!

This is the morning after our red eye home. She cuddled up in between our pillows and slept for hours.
Now that we're home, we're on operation get-rid-of-the-paci. I cut the tips of the infant pacifiers and boy was she ticked. She threw them on the floor ;). I'm hoping she'll now just use the toddler paci (much less preferred) for night time only. On one hand I want to hold on to one baby stage...but this isn't the right one to keep! 

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