Monday, July 7, 2014

21 months: Word Explosion

It's here! It's happened! The words are a flowin'! Whoop. Mike left home for 10 days and came back to a brand new baby girl. She has so many words now that I've not even tried to count them. She's even stringing words together. 'Thank you, Mommy'. 'Love you, Daddy'. 'Night, night Bubbles'. (Bubbles is her dolphin lovey). She's also identifying 'twos' of things, but I think this might still be mimicking. I'm just so proud of her mega progress in 4 weeks, and I love her sweet little voice and words. Way to go, Amelia!
'I sure wish my mommy would take me to a pool'.
...oh wait. I DID take them to a pool. By myself. We aren't quite ready for that. She refuses the life vest, and Owen still needs/desires some one-on-one attention/confidence boosting, etc. She sure does look cute in this little floaty, but it didn't last very long.

First Ice Cream truck treats of the season... in our new double stroller!
Why did I wait so long to get one of these!?

This has been the month of the pigtails as well. Miss Gretel, her teacher at school, loves to give her pig tails after naptime. So I pick her up just as cheerful and as cute as can be. By the time we get home she's usually whining, but I'm gathering she saves that just for me!

Cutie on a big slide. There's no slide she won't tackle.
I'm really hoping I don't have any broken bone posts this summer...

Here's bubbles. He was a souvenir from Maui, and he goes everywhere.....

Smoothie to cheer our little fussy girl up. She (and 9 other one year olds at school) contracted Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Oh.My.Goodness. This was one of our most miserable weeks parenting Amelia. Ok, she was also cutting 3 teeth. But she was up every 45 minutes, 2 nights in a row, and she cried for a week straight. It was brutal. Thank goodness it was during M's week home in between Seattle trips.
 It's been a rough month adjusting back from Maui time, daddy being gone, working on teeth, and having blisters all over your body... but maybe we can work on more giggles instead of cries for the next month?

We've been hitting up the local splash pads. This is her little friend Eden Merrill, he's quite the charmer with the best dimples ever.

My little firecracker. How I love thee.
Hard to believe Owen was 21 months when I had her... time REALLY flies! 

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