Monday, July 28, 2014

Here today, Gone to Maui. Big Beach Edition.

Big Beach has long been hailed a favorite of all of ours. Why, you ask? Well because it's big! The sand bank is BIG. The waves are BIG. And it's just a small hike away from Little Beach where clothing is optional. Mike and I accidentally learned that on our honeymoon.
A quick moment for a group pic before the waves started to come in. That day the waves were the biggest I've ever seen in my life. There were surfers and I kept imagining how I would stabilize their broken necks when they washed upon the shore. That water is powerful!
Here's a pic for perspective. Look how short Carson looks compared to this wave..
and just imagine the waves breaking farther out!
I love this Mike Cooper photo bomb.
Our little clan spent a lot of time in the sand that morning. Thanks to my trip to LA with Britt, I had a huuuuge hat that covered my shoulders. I stole it off of her sailboat. It's too windy on the boat to wear a floppy hat, so it just needed to go to Maui.

Serious shovel-er.
Ava didn't spend a lot of time in the sand. She was petrified of the 'dirt'.
This was the classic pose every time someone tried to put her down =)
So her great daddy improvised.

Becky Wade photo bomb! Also, this is how Amelia took a lot of pics.. ..huddled in to a shoulder. (She is more and more like her daddy everyday... family pictures are his worst nightmare ;) ).

Great action shots by Papa Wade.

Too bad these kids didn't have any fun!

A frequent pose for Owen at the water's edge.

Millie probably asking Mima for a cookie or sucker.
She thought the beach was for shoveling and for junk food.

Love this man!

View of Molokini Crater from Big Beach. Papa Wade, please let me know if I'm wrong.

Sand sliding!

Hunting for shells!

After naps we drove up to Lahaina to spend some time by this huge banyon tree. It's all one tree. There are lots of vendors (and homeless people) around the area. While we were here, Millie had an allergic reaction (on her face!) to the sunscreen, so we hoped over to Walgreens for some Benadryl and headed home while the rest of the clan shopped.

Back at home she was all better... and kind of wired. Guess she has the 'opposite' reaction to Benadryl! Anywho, looooove this shot of the kids and wanted to end the post of this great day with these two amazing blessings.

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