Sunday, August 3, 2014

Here today, gone to Maui. Day 3

Day 3 brings us to Tuesday , May 27.

That morning Mike, Papa Cooper, Dax, Lindsey, and I went paddle boarding. To say I was tentative would be an understatement. You might recall that I tried paddle boarding on a 'calm-surf' day in Malibu with Britt. I didn't conquer it, but I stayed dry at least! Malibu was glass, especially compared to the Maui surf. Also, anytime Mike and I do something athletic (it doesn't matter what or with whom), he's the best and I'm the worst. So I knew I would be the one in the ocean the most (I was.. fell 6 times I think?). BUT, I'm so glad I went. It was gorgeous out on the water. We saw sea turtles swimming, we got a kid free morning, fish tacos for lunch, and the company (of course) was tremendous. We left all of our belongings in the car, knowing full well we'd be wet... so no pics of that adventure.

Tuesday night bought more kid free time. It's pretty nice to have more grandparents present than children! Dax, Lindsey, Mike, and I took Dave and Becky out to dinner to thank them for this wonderful trip. They chose Leilani's, an open-air seafood restaurant in Lahaina. The sunset did not disappoint, and the drinks were just as tasty as they were pretty!


Perfection in a glass.

Maui Dave with a Mai Tai. What a great couple!

View from our table! Seriously, sometimes I just pinch myself.

Wade, party of 4. All grown up!

Thank you, Leilani's for your delicious Mahi in Thai Coconut Sauce & Hula Pie.
You were very good to me. xo, Heather

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