Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here today, gone to Maui. Day 5. Luau!

I must say that no trip to Maui is complete without a Luau. Papa Wade really encouraged the luau. I was a little nervous that my kids running around would distract the rest of our party from the festivities. Millie did run around quite a bit, but the 2-3 Mai Tais I had before dinner really helped me relax about that behavior! I thoroughly enjoyed the luau...
think it was my favorite part of the whole trip!

The day of the Luau, Mima and Aunt Lindsey went out and found matching outfits for all 5 grandkids. They were as cute as could be. O got a thrill out of matching Carson, and these two littles are as precious as precious gets.

The best family shot we got the whole trip. Amelia likes portraits as much as her daddy.

But she'll be sweetsie when she doesn't know she's being photographed!
Love this shot of the Nieders. At this time, Carson was 9, Livi 7, and Ava 2.
We had another attempt at a pic of the 5 kids. This one was pretty decent.

Mai Tai Mike!


The luau we attended was at the Wailea Marriott. This was by far the best setting for a luau I've attended (my 3rd luau). Does it get any better than the scene behind us? Chelsea, you would have had a ball taking pics.

Maui is for lovers? Oh wait, that's Virginia.

My dress had quite the 'lift'.

Maui Dave and his sidekick. Love these two.
Beyond grateful they've inherited the travel bug and are willing to share it.  

A Polynesian native about to crack open a coconut.

Sweet coconut milk.

Shredding the coconut.
Side note... Becky really likes Polynesians.....


Dinner time music.

And then the real fun begins. Love the native dance, dress, song, culture. Some day I'd really like to get to the Polynesian Cultural Center on Oahu.

Hula, hula!

Sweet Ava was enthralled!
This one is for Becky.

Great shot by Maui Dave!

Watching the dancers.

Abs of steel!

Love the colors.

There was a moment in the show when kids could come up and learn to hula.
Love this shot of C & O!

itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka dot bikini.

Wish I could articulate the 'warrior' call they are making right about now, but you'll just have to imagine that in your head.

This guy kind of freaked me out!
Yep, reliving the pics.. my favorite part about Maui!!!

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