Saturday, August 16, 2014

Here Today, Gone to Maui, Day 6: Iao Needle

On Friday of our Maui week, we opted for a little time out of the sun,
and we headed to the 'rainy'  part of Maui.
The west Maui mountains are full of a rich history of war & love, and the beautiful Iao needle.  
You can see the dense fog that keeps this area so lush & green.

Made it to the lookout!  

This little one demanded to walk like the big kids, even though we brought the carrier.

She's got a lot of grandparents wrapped around her little finger. 
Exploring puddles.

Their big girls. 
The whole Gang at the lookout! It was a great little hike for many generations =)

A river runs through it.

Best buds.

Hawaiian flowers. Can anybody name this one?
After our hike we went to lunch at an amazing pizza place where our children were tired, off schedules, and difficult. They did a great job plugging along for the majority of the week but by Friday at lunch time, we had all (all 4 of our immediate family) hit our limit. So we went back for good naps and a relaxing picnic dinner, and the Mimas and Papas went to a pineapple farm!

Isn't God creative?

Had to include the awesome pics to show how pineapples grow! 
(Pics courtesy of Papa Wade!)

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