Thursday, June 23, 2016

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday!

A few months back, my friend Mandy posted pictures of her daughter, Grace's first birthday. Mandy has one child, artsy skills, and apparently, time! I emailed her and said. I LOVE those decorations. Where did you buy them? She responded.. I made them ALL. And, I'll send them to you for Macy. We had a deal. So Macy had a very hungry caterpillar birthday. The hungry caterpillar eats through a lot of fruit, which is a cheap way to throw a party in May!

Some of the spread!

Macy's fan club (minus daddy & the papas!)

After a little nap, the birthday girl was ready to party!

Sweetsie first birthday outfit! (Macy is embroidered at the bottom). 

Look I can stand on my own!

I am WELL loved. 

Macy's godmother, Ali with her baby Grant. And Jess (Schuster) Cornell with Eve!

Two Olivias!

Party guests, gifts, & snapshots!

Time for the smash cake!

....a little tentative at first. 

...but she had lots of fun in the end!

I would say she understood the meaning of 'smash' cake. 
Oskee enjoyed the clean up ;)
Francis Boys

My dream come true! A table loaded with happy kids. #blessed. 

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