Monday, June 27, 2016

Macy13 months: Pointing!

Something happened to my flexible, easy-to-anticipate Macy. Her 13th month has been...challenging! Maybe it's because she's learning so much every day that she's just exhausted? Maybe it's molars? She does have a lot more teeth than the other kids at this age. Maybe it's the transition to daycare? Whew. I'm not sure.  Still love her to pieces, but ready for the next phase!

This video is really cute though! She's not walking.. 
She's really scared to try. Her legs are so strong that she can sit and stand without holding on to anything. I know she's ready physically, but mentally we are working through some tentativeness!

                                    She's at the age where drawers of goodies are oh so fun! 

Park days. We've been trying to spend a lot of time at parks. This is the park at Owen's new kindergarten! Macy can be difficult at parks bc she wants to be down exploring, but the hot pavement is painful to her hands and knee caps!

The water table at home is perfect for good summer fun. 


Here's my sweetsie sweet!

This video was from last week after her school day. She was asleep (in my arms) by 6:25 that night. I know those days are really long for her. I'm so grateful she only has to go to school twice a week. 

She's working hard. This month's tally: 

Words (4)
Dada (most frequently used)
Ni Ni (night night)
Dat (mostly means dog)

Teeth (7)
No more since the last time I reported. Lots of drooling though. 

Signs (3)
All done
..these communication tactics have been wonderful during the last month!

Ounces of Milk consumed (?????)
Can't remember why the transition from formula to milk happens at the same time you're supposed to give up a bottle. What are pediatricians thinking? Well anyway, she still gets one bottle of luke warm whole milk at 5:30 or 6:00 am because I know she'll take 8 oz. Then I feel like we are at least starting the day on the right foot. (She also goes back to bed after that bottle, and so I can get ready without chasing a busy bee!) She just drinks (with assistance) from the sippy cup the rest of the day. Girlfriend will not pick it up on her own, but she will ask for more! But generally I have no idea how much she's getting!

Naps (1-2)
One nap at school and two on her 'at home' days to catch up. Any sleep transition can be tough, and maybe this is the sole reason she's been more fussy. She's sleeping from 6:30 pm -7:30 am though!

Biggest development is that she's starting to point. Only so far at pictures on books, but I know this is the start of a wonderful milestone. Yay Macy! 

Owen @ 13 months.

And a picture of Amelia @ 13 months! 

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