Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

This post is a bit delayed, but it chronicles our last outing as a family of 3. On October 6th (the day before Amelia joined us), we went to the pumpkin patch. We had been wanting to take Owen, and I had a feeling the baby was coming soon.. so we bundled up and headed to Rombach Farms.
Pictures of O holding Mike's hand will never get old.


BIG Tractor

BIG Pumpkins (these were huge, heavy, and $50)

Fire Truck (Wee new)

He really wanted to go back to the fire truck, and he was NOT interested in a picture with mommy.

Rombachs is close to the Spirit of St. Louis Airport in the Chesterfield Valley, and honestly, Owen was much more interested in the airplanes and helicopters than the pumpkins.

He did enjoy this tunnel, though.

When he found a pumpkin just his size, he wanted to pick it up by 'himself'. 'Myself' is certainly the theme of this last month.

Then he wanted to push this cart by himself, and he hit Mike's hand away when he tried to help.

After getting quite frustrated, he rode in the cart and pouted on the way back to the car. Don't you hate it when Mom & Dad take you to do something fun, and you end up throwing a tantrum and pouting on the way home? =)  
This was about 14-15 hours before I delivered. Pumpkin = Size of Belly.
I thought this sign was hilarious.
Cheers to the fall! I am LOVING the cooler weather.

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