Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bitsy's First Birthday

It's hard to believe our niece Ava is a year old already. Way back when she was brand new like Amelia, Carson started to call her 'Bitsy'. It stuck. It fits. It's perfect for her. We were thrilled to celebrate her birthday... our first outing as a family of 4!

Every blonde haired, blue eyed bitsy needs the perfect layered tutu for her 1st birthday. Gorgeous =)

She really thinks big brother Carson (8) is super special.

He's pretty enthralled with her too. I really love watching Carson with the younger kiddos. He's fantastic and can get them to laugh like no one else.

Owen got to sit and eat at the table with the big kids. A very special day.

Ava had no shortage of helpers when it came to opening presents.

No denying those Nieders genes.

Bitsy's new board books.

Carson picked out this toy, and it was a hit with all for kids.. ages 1-8.

Ava did a great job with her cake.. we were a little worried because she doesn't like solid food. Yes, you read that correctly! She's starting to come around and eat pieces of bread and cheese, but she missed the whole 6-9 months of purees and 9-12 months of small finger foods. Poor Lindsey has tried everything (even chocolate pudding!). So, we were unsure of what she would do with the cake.. and she at least put a little bit in to her mouth.
So happy 1st birthday dearest,, Ava. We were tickled pink to celebrate with you, and we can't wait to watch you grow.

LOVE, Uncle Mike, Aunt Heather, Owen, and Itsy Bitsy

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