Monday, October 15, 2012

Miss Millie's Visitors

Amelia is one loved baby girl already. Personally, I am just mushy over her. I never could have imagined having equal love for two babies, but it has happened. I think my bond with Amelia, though, has occurred more quickly than it did with Owen because a) I wasn't traumatized by her birth, and b) I'm not as scared of her!! Being a first time mom is soooooo hard. So cheers to my sweet Millie Bean.
She had LOTS of visitors her first few days.
MiMa & Papa Cooper were at the hospital when she was born, so as soon as I was decent, they were able to come meet her. It's love to wake up at 4am and rush to the hospital!!

Papa Cooper and his new precious bundle.

As soon as Owen was awake and fed, the MiMas and Papas did a trade off so that Dave and Becky could come meet Amelia. They weren't able to meet Owen until he was 2 weeks old, so it was amazing to have them at the hospital just hours after her birth.

I think Papa Wade approves. Millie is grand baby #5 for the Wades!!

 Who is more beautiful, Auntie Lindsey or Miss Millie? I think they are equal =) Millie definitely has Lindsey's & Mike's coloring, but the jury is still out as to her specific features. She would sure be a gorgeous girl if she favored the Wades!!

Another shot of Proud Papa Cooper

Cousin Carson went gaga over this baby. He is SOO good with Ava and loves babies. He did a great job holding Amelia, too!!
Owen meets Amelia. He was decently interested. At this point he still didn't know how she would rock his world!!

Uncle Steven comes to play. She, of course, spit up on him.. just like her older brother did when he met Uncle Steven.

First pic as a family of 4. Owen didn't get that it was a special moment, and we had to entice him with a cookie to get him to sit.

 Every picture I have of Livi holding Amelia is beautiful. Livi has such a great smile.

Our newest little love.

Uncle Ryan happened to have Monday off (a rare occasion), and he was able to come snuggle her for quite a while as well!! It was so nice to catch up with all of our family!! 

Daddy and his precious little girl.

I love her sweet, scrumptious face in this picture. Somehow she got a nice skin tone. I remember looking at Owen when he was brand new and had closed eyes, and he was so pale he was translucent. She has a little more pigment, which I am sure she'll appreciate.

This is true love. Snuggling a baby while blowing up the donut for his sore wife.

Homeward bound.
1st week updates coming soon.

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  1. Heather, Amelia will be beautiful if she has your features too! She is precious and I am so glad all the grandparents were able to meet her so soon (and help with Owen). :)