Thursday, October 4, 2012

Crazy Crafting

Well this waiting for baby thing has been going on for months (it feels like, anyway)... and by the way, there are no updates. I have an appointment this afternoon, and I'm so anxious I might just bring up the induction conversation =)
Anyway, as you know we moved to StL in June, in the heat of the summer. We moved in to our house July 2 & with me being home, being forced to be inside, and having TONS of help from parents and in-laws, the house was settled in no time at all.  And if you are actually reading this blog, you know me well enough to know that I don't sit well..... and honestly, I am less busy than I think I have been since I was travel nursing. SO... what to do to entertain myself (besides eating bon bons and wait for a baby) while Owen is sleeping?
Typically I would lean toward trying new recipes, but with 100 degree temps and a not-functional oven for the first 2 months we lived here, it seemed like there might be something better.
So I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work.
First up was a baby quilt for baby Willard, due Nov 6. BW is a wait-and-see baby with a navy and buttercup yellow nursery, so I wanted to make something gender-neutral (ish) to accompany his or her arrival. I use a pattern from a Lotta Jansdotter sewing for baby book, and it's a fairly simple project, it just takes time. (And don't look closely, because I am FAR from a perfect seamstress).

Next project was to recover the pillows that came with our new couch. The pillows from the furniture store were let's say "less-than-modern". And although I am not extremely trendy, I thought something with a Pottery Barn twist would look much nicer.

We are using the same rug we had in Seattle, but this time I wanted to pull out the greens instead of the reds & oranges. So I went to the fabric store, got this material on sale for $5 a yard (!) and re-covered 4 pillows. (By the way, it took 2.5 yards to cover 4 pillows.. super cheap project). My mom helped with the zippers.

Next up.. Owen's room. I found this print on Etsy, and although $15 isn't extremely expensive, it didn't seem overly complicated to me. So I called my mom's friend Judy (aka the Martha Stewart of St. Charles county), and she had me over to re-create this look. She's got a special machine called a Cricket that cuts out shapes. So... 4 pieces of card stock and an old atlas later, we've got the centerpiece for O's room. Grand total for this project (not including the frames) was about $5.00.

Here is a closer look.. sorry about the flash.
By the way, O is still in his crib, and I hope he remains there until he's 2-ish. By then we'll be ready to transition the baby out of our room into her own nursery. O will get a full size bed with airplane bedding (already purchased), and she'll use my green nursery bedding with pink chickadee accents.

So of course she needed a quilt too...
I don't have anything on the walls in her room yet, because the nursery furniture isn't in there, but I am itching to get all of my cute finds up... so I might have to work on that this weekend.
Once these projects were finished, I started a turtle costume for O. It's 98% done, but I can't figure out the silly hat (pregnancy brain), so my mom will help with that this weekend. I'll post pics of him in it on Halloween.
When O isn't sleeping (which is the majority of the day), we are having a blast reading books, playing trucks, exploring parks and libraries, and occasionally splurging on big outings as you've seen chronicled previously. I truly am enjoying my time with him, and God has given be a certain peace about being home right now. I can promise it won't last forever, but I am soaking it up while I can!

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  1. Look at you go...can I move in next door and we can just be crafty to our hearts content?? And by the way, I don't think pregnancy has anything to do with deciphering pattern directions. Those things are trickier than partial differential equations! ;)