Sunday, October 21, 2012

First 2 Weeks

Since this Cardinals game isn't worth watching, I am channeling my energy in to
capturing Amelia's first 2 weeks!
Like most newborns, she eats, sleeps, poops, and looks at you adoringly through her very crossed eyes. What sets her apart (from Owen at least) is that she eats about every 3 hours during the day, and she will give me one 4 (sometimes 5) hour stretch at night. I didn't make this progress with Owen until about 6 months. We're starting off very well, and she is gaining weight. On day 10, she weighed in at 7lb 5.8oz.... above birth weight!!!! In between feeding and pooping she sleeps through almost anything. She caught Owen's cold (poor love), so I need to suction her nose. Well, she sleeps through the saline, suctioning, and sometimes even diaper changes.We've seen her eyes a few times, and they look to be pretty and dark.  
Like all newborns, she hated her first bath at home. Thankfully now her cord has fallen off, so we can at least let her sit in the water.
She loves to snuggle (much more than O). Here she is snuggling with MiMa Wade at Ava's 1st birthday party. (Separate blog post to follow).

Totally out. Mouth wide open.

Meeting Great Grandma.

0 months old, and as gorgeous as can be.
I caught a little milk drunk smile on my phone. It's likely gas, but it's still very very sweet.

I l.o.v.e. newborn stretches and post-feeding faces. I can't get enough of the pursed lips, raised eyebrows, lifted arms, and butt-in-the-air moments. I would honestly have another baby just for these newborn moments. They melt me.

Snuggle time with daddy.

I've been wearing her in the Moby a lot.. this way she is close to me, and I can chase/play with Owen.

 What she does best.
First outing to the park today. It's gorgeous outside.

Owen checking in. He's pretty attentive and really likes to help put her paci in.

This was the first and last time we put her in the swing. Owen gets toooooo excited about the swing, he changes the setting, pushes her, etc. It's just not safe for right now. ;)

Mike caught me snoozing. Ooh I love this little girl and all of her sweet cuddles.
Two things I forgot about taking care of a newborn... their hands NEVER open & they get finger jam. We spend a lot of time cleaning them out. AND, her fingernails grow so quickly. It's hard to keep up.
The adjustment to 2 is exhausting of course, but we've had a lot of great meals and support from our extended family. Have I mentioned that I LOVE living in St. Louis? Mike went back to work part time last week, so this will be my first full week of 'normal' life. I'm a little nervous, but I think we'll be ok. I'm ready to feel healed so that I can get Owen out a little bit more. In due time, I'm sure.  


  1. She is just so beautiful (like her mama). I hope that I can meet her very soon!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is precious! I love all those newborn things you were talking about too!! Just wonderful! Give her a big smooch from me...and that big bro too! ;)