Thursday, September 27, 2012

21 months: Sentences

Wow. It's been a big month!!!  I had a hard time figuring out what to title the 21 month post, but alas I think the most exciting development is O's ability to put phrases/sentences together. He greets many many things these days. 'Hi Mommy, Hi MiMa, Hi Bear, Hi Lawnmower, Bye Lawnmower', etc. I can not get enough of his sweet little voice.

Additional phrases: ' Love you Mommy, Love you Daddy (we are mommy and daddy now!), Papa, MiMa's house, MiMa's hair, Daddy work, Blue Car, Gold Car, etc.'

Also, he loves to add the adjective BIG to any word. He also raises his eyebrows when saying it... so we see LOTS of BIG cars, cucks (trucks), lawnmowers, choo choo tains, bapples (apple), bears, baseballs, etc.

He parrots everything we say, and now assigns a name to the type of truck he is looking at. Digger, Dump cuck, mixer, tow cuck, etc.

His language is developing so quickly that I feel like there isn't anything baby left about him. (He's not even signing anymore). FORTUNATELY he still calls fire trucks 'wee news' and airplanes 'cks'. We hope this sticks for a little while longer.

Some of my current favorite words:
Helicopter =Hel-i-HOP-ter (he accents the HOP)
Dinosaur = Tiny hore. (close, O, close)

Story time with Uncle Steven

Uncle Steven was so enamored with O after their story & play time that the next time he came over, he brought 12 new cars. SUPER exciting!

More cars to line up! ! ! ! ! !

He is big in to mimicking as well. He pretend mops, vacuums, wipes his nose & bottom, etc. He always puts the kleenex back after he wipes his nose. Very nice =)

 I found a great book at the library called 'Air Show'. The 2 weeks we had it, he and Mike spent a lot of time talking about the different models of airplanes. His favorite was the Warthog, or as Owen says, 'Hort Wog'. Turns out this book is $30 (what?!) on Amazon, so we'll be renting it from the library lots.

O loves to help in the kitchen. Here he is helping me 'stir' Aunt Lindsey's birthday cake.

Quintessentially Owen
Running the cars down the drain pipe... good idea!

He loaded his breakfast into the back of this truck... guess he wasn't really interested this day. You'll notice some hard boiled eggs. This is the first non-dairy protein I've been able to get down him in a looooong time. He still all but refuses meats & PB.

Ok I have a confession to make... this is how I get him to stay in one place while I shower, 12-13 minutes of Baby Einstein on You Tube. Works like a charm.
Daddy came home from the hardware store with this Lawnmower the other day. I am in love with the incentive it provides. I've been able to brush his teeth a lot more with the incentive of playing with the lawnmower.

I just love this litte shirt so I had to take a picture.

 We weren't able to use our full Museum of Transportation Groupon a few weeks ago, so we got to go back for the 'creation station' (ie a room full of 6 train tables) and the miniature train ride. 
Have I mentioned that he LOVES choo choo tains?

Ali- let's look for another groupon and have a play date with the boys at this museum!
In other news.......
  • Owen got to experience his first donut this month. It should come as no surprise that he was a total fan.
  • He's getting better with his spoon and fork, but this is still a work in progress
  • He has officially dropped a nap. I know, I know... he's 21 months old, and I am grateful for the verrrrrrry extended period of time that he took 2 naps, BUT his one nap a day is 60-90 minutes, and I'm in my 3rd trimester... I just need a little more rest ;)
  • He knows the numbers 2 & 4, and we are working on  1&3
  • He's been working on shapes (thanks to those 12 minute Baby Einstein clips), and he can appropriately identify oval, triangle, star, heart, moon, & circle.
  • He has no clue that he's about to be a big brother. I tried reading him some books about it, but he would much rather read his choo choo or 'wee new' books.
On that note... hopefully one of the next blog posts will be about the arrival of baby sister!


  1. Ok, not that you need me to tell you this...but, he is a miniature little Heather! His adorable face and expression just screams, "See my mom over there? yeah, I look just like her" I can't wait to squeeze BOTH of your babies!! LOVE YOU!

  2. We would LOVE a playdate at the Transportation Museum. I must admit I laughed out loud at Owen's pronunciation of dinosaur. As for getting your small child to eat…I don’t have any tips. My big boys have always been good eaters. Great post – I love the photos!