Sunday, September 23, 2012

38: The week of the leek

I didn't get a leek this time, but I remember thinking it was so funny that at 38 weeks the baby is the length of a leek (19.5 inches) because you have so little bladder control at this stage.
Baby Girl updates: She has dropped some, but she's still 'floating'. I'm considerably smaller than I was with Owen at this stage & I'm measuring the same that I did 4 weeks ago. They are concerned about the growth of the baby/ level of amniotic fluid. I have an ultrasound tomorrow & if all isn't perfect, they'll induce me. Half of me would love to meet this little girl and be done with pregnancy, but the other half really really really does not want to be induced, and of course I don't want something to be wrong for this sweet little thing. we could have a baby this week, or we could keep waiting! I'll let you know. I've had lots of contractions all along, but I'm not progressing at all, so I am sure we'll still be waiting 1+ weeks if we don't get induced.
In other news, I finally found a cocktail to help my restless legs (they hurt so bad that it takes me HOURS to get to sleep at night). Anyway... I've read all of the old wives' tale remedies, and it seems that bananas + tonic water do the trick for me. Maybe this will help one of you in your next pregnancy!

38 Weeks Baby Girl
38 Weeks Owen



  1. Oh my! Keep me updated! Maggie is being induced tomorrow so I could see you both! Prayers for you and baby girl!

  2. Yes, you do look much smaller...still a super cute pregnant lady!! I cannot wait to see this little girl--who will she look like?? Isn't it so much fun??!! Love you bunches!