Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Growing like a Weed

Well we finally got to see her profile.... though if I was being totally honest, I would have to tell you that I can't make out a whole lot. A hand is on the left side of the picture right in front of her upper lip and nose.
Soon enough we'll get to see those gorgeous features on the outside.
Soon enough... but I think it will still be a bit. I'm now predicting an October baby, though my ' mother's intuition' isn't quite sure of the date yet.
So here is the GREAT news.... she is growing like a weed. She's gained approx 2 lbs in the last 4 weeks (right on target), and they approximate her at 7lb 5oz currently. The fluid surrounding her is adequate, and she is still floating... ie not interested at all in the birth canal..... ie it could still be a while before she comes.
I am thrilled that she's fine, and cozy. I am thrilled to not be induced... the Seattleite in me just wants nature to take it's course. I don't want to play God, I want to just let Him pick her birthday. I'm tired, yes, but I actually currently feel physically better than I have the majority of my pregnancy.
So, we wait. Praise God for good health.
I will say, however, that StL is expecting a series of T-Storms over the next few days, and if they change the barometric pressure enough to send me in to labor, I won't be sad.

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