Sunday, September 2, 2012

Spoiling Owen

Lately I've been lamenting the fact that my time with just Owen is very limited. Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled to welcome baby girl in to our family.... but I can't believe Owen won't be my baby any more! SO... we've been trying to do lots of fun (low cost) activities: parks, libraries, carousels, etc. We've also snuck in a few big events too like the Cards game, and a trip to the Magic House and the Zoo.
The Magic House is in South StL County, and it's enormous (!), but had an entire section full of activities for kiddos Owen's age.
As you can imagine, we spent a LOT of time in this section. He scooped, shoveled...

......lined up the trucks.

He put tennis balls in this contraption over and over again (it rings the bells as it slides down!) 

He climbed & crawled.

He played in water (how nice that they provide aprons!)

He drove a big milk truck.

He rang the bell of the
"choo choo tain".

......and slid down LOTS of slides.
MiMa insisted we end the day with some Fritz's frozen custard, and Owen and I didn't object one bit!

On Mike's birthday we attempted to go to church, but it turned out we both forgot to get shoes for Owen. We took it as a sign from God that we were just meant to go to the zoo that day!
Owen & Daddy watching the "choo choo tain" (he is loving choo choos these days).

I love this picture with Owen's hand wrapped around Daddy's back.

Since the zoo is free & parking is free (thanks to the Zoo membership my mom gave me for mother's day), Mike and I splurged on riding the choo choo. It was a whole $10. Owen LOVED the choo choo. He sat on the chair so still & looked all around.

When the train would stop to load more passengers, Owen would jump up and ask 'Pease'... please can we get going again mom? I love riding the train!

We had great animal sightings that day, too. The bears, elephants, & zebras were out, these rhinos made a great cameo, and we even saw two hippos swimming. It was amazing.
We're having a blast living in StL and enjoying all of the fun ways we can spoil Owen!

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  1. We did the SAME thing with Marilyn right before Benen was born! Love those moments with the first child:)