Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For it's root, root, root for the CARDINALS!

Our little Owen was born to be a Cardinal fan, so much so that he popped out with red hair! Santa buys for us every year, and we are able to watch 90% of the Cardinal games here in Seattle! Plus, now that I am home most days.. I can even catch the daytime games. Owen is no stranger to the sound of the crack of the bat, and he knows the batting average of Pujols, Holiday, Berckman, and Rasmus. Because he will likely be long and skinny, we are encouraging the use of his South Paw. Mike hits his right hand if it looks like he is favoring it. Just kidding.. but all that to say, we couldn't wait to take O to his first Cardinal game!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. The Easter bunny brought Owen an adorable Cards track suit, and so he was set! This is his favorite outfit, in fact he's wearing it today.
The whole clan (minus Gaga Wade who was taking the picture) including Uncle Rick and Auntie Renee Schuster! The weather was mild, and the company was perfect!

I am a real sucker for the '3 Generations' pictures. Of course we had to get 3 generations of Wade boys @ Busch Stadium. Mike absolutely loves to carry the baby in the Bjorn, and the baby loves to snuggle in and nap when he's next to Daddy.
Wade family photo. Owen @ 4 months old.

Awake and excited! "OH, I'm at the CARDINAL GAME!" Owen was an absolute gem throughout the entire game. He went from person to person just happy as can be. He even saw a Pujols home run! We left in the 7th inning b/c of a rain delay and up to that point we were winning. Things went downhill for the Cards after that rain delay (I mean, after we left), so technically they lost.. but we are pretending we saw a winner. 

We are hoping Westbrook will do a great job in tonight's rubber match against those silly Giants. 

Go Cards!

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