Friday, June 24, 2011

cooper family christmas photo

It is quite rare for my entire family to be together, and it is even more rare to capture these family times with photos. In my opinion, the Coopers are extraordinarily begrudging and impatient when it comes to photos, but I really wanted to capture some of all of us for this year's 'Christmas Card'. Really, I just wanted a good picture of the seven of us! Because it was 'my' weekend, they agreed, and we got some great photos.

I'm sure a photography expert (Chels) would be disappointed with the shadows..maybe we should have gone a different time of day. I was thrilled to catch the hour of sun and two willing smiles!

Kerry Park
The rest of the pictures are just a few candids from the rest of our time together! Enjoy =)

To me this picture screams 'PROUD' glowing grandparents!
Redhook Brewery Tour.
Happy Trails.

Thanks for obliging my camera. Love you all!

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