Sunday, June 26, 2011


Well the little man will be 6 months tomorrow, so we thought it was high time to start solid foods. We wanted to wait until close to 6 months for several reasons: 1. The AAP guidelines recommend that exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months is optimal (we've had to supplement a few times with formula, but we've mostly heeded this recommendation). 2. Because he is only in the 25% for weight, our NP wanted us to stick with breastfeeding as long as possible, because the calories in breast milk are the most dense and most likely to put weight on him. At this stage eating is a motor skill activity, not a nutritional gain. So, we waited until a few days ago, but now we are having a BLAST!

Here he is, primed and ready to start. He won't even know what hit him!

At first he tried to grab at the spoon (like he does with everything). Once he realized it was food however, he just started opening wide like a little bird! 'I'm ready mama!'. (Oh, and his bib says I'll have a glass of the house white). Ha.

Still unsure what to do with his tongue. Do I suck on it? He still pushes quite a bit back out with his tongue, but he's making progress in that department for sure!

Mmmm.... rice cereal!

Let's take a moment to pose for the camera

Distracted by the dog...

I love this close up!

The first night, daddy documented while mommy fed. Since then, however, dinner time has been reserved for Owen and Daddy. Mike is so excited that he can finally do something to help with the feeding. They have a great time 'eating' and playing airplane!

This is what happened the first time we tried green beans. He was not a fan.

He's giving this look like, 'you don't seriously expect me to open my mouth for that stuff again do you?' It was a little better once we mixed some rice cereal with it, but over the course of the 3 days we tried green beans, I think he took a total of 5 bites. Today we tried carrots for the first time, and he probably ate a whole tablespoon! Tomorrow he'll be yellow.  (I'll try to upload a video, but it didn't work today).

We'll post this week about our big Half Birthday party tomorrow! Have a good one. We LOVE you all!

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