Monday, June 20, 2011

UW School of Nursing Graduation

At last, my time as a Husky has come to end. I have been longing to write those words for some time now. It's amazing how excited I was to get in to the FNP-DNP (Family Nurse Practitioner; Doctorate of Nursing Practice) Program at the UW back in the spring of 2008. Now three years later, I am even more ecstatic for this time to come to  a close. Certainly my priorities have changed, but more than that, I've forgotten how to relax, how to spend free evenings with my husband, and how to single-task. It was time for this program to come to a close, and the celebration was grand!

On Wednesday before graduation, our faculty provided dinner for my class and our families. As you can imagine, Owen was quite popular at the party. Mike and I both got to eat with 2 hands! Here is my class celebrating! (Back: L-R Ari, Me, Rebecca, Ada, Lisa. Front: L-R Amy and Gillian). 
FNP-DNP Class of 2011 with our faculty.

The woman behind me, Mary Ann Draye, was the Chair of my supervisory committee. Her signature has been everything I've worked for the last 3 years. Here she is "conferring my hood", a really special part of the ceremony. She is a fabulous lady who thoroughly supported my pseudo-maternity leave and did everything she could to help me still graduate on time.
Shaking hands with the Dean. I was so nervous to walk across that stage, I don't know why! No worries, though... I didn't fall. I have to be honest, the neatest part of the ceremony for me was watching the BSN students graduate. I taught all of the bachelors students during their first year of nursing school, and it was awesome to see them proudly walk across stage. I remember when they were petrified of bed baths and changing beds. Now they are entering in to the world of nursing, and they will help so many people. I felt like a proud mama!
This day would not have been possible without my right hand man, Mike Wade. I LOVE YOU!
(ps.. Owen loved the tassel on my hat!)
The whole Cooper family came in town to celebrate. It was so awesome to have all of us together as it feels like it's been hit or miss the last few years. There will be future blog posts chronicling our Seattle adventures!
The whole gang in our robes, hoods, and tams. We were joking that we felt very Harry Potter-like. All we need now is a wand, and owl, and Hermoine!

 Celebrating at Rays boathouse with my love after the ceremony!

Love my mama!

That's all for now! The real fun began after the ceremony as Mike and I played host and hostess to the Coopers. They returned the favor by getting Mike and I a hotel room downtown on Saturday night. We went and had drinks with Ryan and Steven downtown and then slept a full 8 hours in a king sized bed on Saturday night. Grandma and Papa kept the baby. I can honestly say it was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Until next time,

Heather Wade, DNP, ARNP, FNP...who is finally on maternity leave!

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  1. So proud of you! Dr. Wade, paging Dr. Wade...just say it a few times, it rolls of the tongue nicely! ;) Love you!!