Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Weekend brought the most relaxing series of days that Mike and I have seen in over a year. I'm wrapping up my school work (last paper submitted, only one class to go), and Mike had the entire weekend off. He was supposed to fly Sunday, but his boss miraculously flew instead. We see this as divine intervention, as it's very much out of character for this particular boss.
Saturday morning started with a baby sleeping until 9, and me sleeping in a Benadryl induced coma until 8:30. Both of these occurrences are just as uncommon as Mike's boss going to bat for him. By the time I got up at 8:23, Mike had risen, taken the pup for a walk, gone to the grocery, and made macadamia nut pancakes, bacon, and fruit salad.! ( I should mention that breakfast in bed came after a girls night out. Mike watched the baby so that I could have a margarita and eat dinner with two hands with the PEPS moms!). He and his friend Anil golfed that afternoon, so we both got some fun adult time in!

Sunday we had stuffed french toast and quinoa salad after church with some friends. They have a baby one year and one week older than O, and it's fantastic to watch him run, giggle, eat tomatoes, babble, etc. A sign of what is to come.

Monday we went over to Amity's parents house (otherwise known as Rachel and Sterling) for their Memorial Day tradition, Eggs Benny. In recent years, this has become one of my absolute favorite dishes, and I was thrilled to partake in their tradition. It's my goal to perfect the Wade version of Eggs Benny this summer!

Rachel is a fantastic cook, and we arrived in time so that she taught me the ways of hollandaise and poaching. I must say, I think hollandaise is a two person job. I'm sure she could have conquered it herself, but I'm glad my first attempt was a tag team. Here she is posing with her finished product. 
Dear Eggs Benedict, I love you.

Sweet rosy cheeks and her friend Mr. Monster Truck. I love her little dress (and her thighs!)
Amity has some mad semi-crawling skills. She can actually inch forward. Owen can only rotate. Rachel and I find it highly amusing how these two are polar opposite at 5 and 4 months old. Their body types, personalities, and learned skills are on either side of the spectrum. Amity sits pretty in pink as she coos and looks around. Owen screeches and kicks his legs constantly. (No wonder he's a squirt).

After brunch we took the kids for a walk in their respective 'Bob' strollers. Owen of course is kicking.
Monday afternoon we swung by the market to pick up from fresh salmon and trout from Pike Place Market. We were having special company Monday night... welcoming a family friend and a new travel nurse to the city. We thought we'd give them a proper Seattle welcome.

The little man loves his tongue as of late, and he sticks it out much of the time. It's a content look anyway.

At the end of the weekend, Mike and I were thrilled with how relaxed we felt. We hope this is a great start to our summer... now if it would just get over 60 degrees, we would be set!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend - thanks for sharing, HCW!