Saturday, May 28, 2011


Mike and I can't believe little O is already 5 months old.. and I can't believe I only stopped to take pictures of him two days in the last month. I am ashamed. I'm so sorry. I could delve in to a long list of excuses, but I will spare you. Nonetheless, I'll share what I do have, and I will promise to be better @ 6 months. 

 Here is a little hint at his sweetsie smile and adorable little laugh. Unfortunately, those giggles are still rather unpredictable, so I haven't yet been able to catch it on camera. We still have to work very hard for the giggles, and I will do close to anything to get one. All Mike has to do is smile at Owen and he's all giggles. The delineation of our roles has begun.. Mommy has the food, Daddy has the fun. Owen absolutely loves Mike's hats, songs, cuddles, and loves. I absolutely love watching them together.

 I had to put this picture in here because I think he looks just like Mike here. I also want to point out that this 6 month outfit is almost to short for his legs but is absolutely huge in the midsection. This little man is going to have to stand twice to make a shadow.

So chill. Hand on the arm rest, drool spilling out of his mouth. Life is so good. Wishes he didn't have to still be in long sleeves at the end of May.

 Owen and Amity. This was just last weekend, so it's fairly recent. Amity has finally opened her eyes, and we are so glad she's ready to play! This is the first picture we've taken of them where she was awake! Owen, of course, is playing with his favorite toy.. his feet. If I place him on his back (which is very rare outside of a diaper change), he's trying to get those feet in his mouth!

I love how red his hair looks in this picture. Speaking of hair, Owen constantly has his hands on his head, moving his fingers back and forth, rubbing his head. We get the biggest kick out of it. Occasionally, those fingers will drift down to his ears which he finds so fascinating that he won't let go of them. He has a death grip on those ears, and I usually have to help pry them loose.

Additional Owen updates:
- He discovered Oskee, and he watches her everywhere she goes. Her barking cracks him up too.
- Owen has also discovered his voice has volume. He frequently tries out his loud voice.. we aren't quite to pterodactyl screeching, but we aren't far away either.
- He loves to sing songs. 'The wheels on the bus go round and round' goes round and round our house daily. If you move his legs round and round while you sing, he just might give you a giggle.
- He is also loving sitting forward facing in the Baby Bjorn. I'm quite impressed, if I do say so myself, that I've got our afternoon walks down to a science. Owen sits forward in the Bjorn which allows me both hands to walk Oskee. We are training her, so I need to be able to 'pop' the training collar. Fun times are had by all of us! He coos and kicks the entire time.
- Sleep update: We are sleep training him this week. Monday night while I was at class, Mike let him cry it out. He cried for an hour on Monday, 20 minutes on Tuesday, and 1 minute on Wednesday. Once he learned he could self soothe, he hasn't been squawking for us every hour. This weekend we are working on increasing the time intervals between his night feeds. He used to eat every three, and we've progressed all of the way to 4.5 hours between. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!

I think that's it for now. I promise I will be better about pictures next month.. and I still owe some posts from his first Cardinal game and meeting mommy's best Mizzou friends!

With LOVE from all of us Wades, M, H, O, and O

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