Saturday, May 14, 2011

Christ the Lord is Risen Today..

Ok, well He rose 3 weeks ago.. but it's still worth celebrating! I wanted to document a few pictures of Owen's first Easter. We woke up and went to Easter service @ Church of the Shepherd, Papa and Gaga Wade's church. The service was nice, and they sang our favorite song! "Christ the Lord is Risen Today!" Indeed He is, and there is much to celebrate! Owen was a GREAT baby and slept on Grandma Cooper's shoulder through the entire service.

 Then we came back to Papa and Gaga Wade's house and had a delicious brunch with some of Mommy's favorites (breakfast casserole, monkey bread, and fruit salad) with the Nieders clan.

Next we went to Papa and Grandma Cooper's house for Easter Dinner (another round of amazing food: ham, potatoes, asparagus, bread, chocolate pie... ) Owen coordinated well with Grandma and Papa Cooper!

We were very pleased that Owen did not follow his daddy's first Easter footsteps. Mike fell down stairs and broke his arm. We were grateful not to repeat that!

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