Monday, May 16, 2011


Owen and I have spent the last 12 Tuesday mornings at our PEPS (Program for Early Parental Support) group. It's just a mommy group with a bunch of adorable little boys all born between December 12 and Feb 6. Our official group ends tomorrow, but we really hope to continue to meet at least once a month! This group has been a great forum to talk about the trials of first time motherhood as well as ideas about the appropriate stages of development (starting solids, baby sign language, etc). It's also given me a wonderful perspective. Owen is certainly not the most difficult baby in the group, and he isn't the only terrible sleeper either (on that note, he's been up every hour for the last 2 nights.. maybe something is wrong?)

We took these pictures a few weeks ago, and I couldn't help but share them.
L-R: James (12-19), Clive (2-1), Owen (12-27), Jack (2-6), Kyle (12-21), Will (12-12)

This picture also features a very unhappy Luca (2-3). Not pictured are Ben (1-10) and Madden (1-20). ALL BOYS!

Ring around the rosy. James like to hold hands, and Owen (of course) loves to kick. Luca is a little happier here it seems!

Hopefully we'll keep posting pictures of this crew for years to come!

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