Saturday, March 2, 2013

Snow Days 2013

These first two pictures are from a light dusting of snow we got in January. I thought this might be it for the season, so I bundled O up while A was sleeping and we played in the snow.
It's fun the first 3 minutes until you get cold.

What's that Mom? You don't have a sled? Let's go inside for hot chocolate. (Let me also say that this day was his first hot chocolate experience, and boy did he love it).
Last Thursday, as most of you know, brought a 'Wintery Mess'. What an endearing term. As Mike was in Maryland, we packed our very large bag for an overnight at MiMa and Papa Wade's house.  
After the first 3 or 4 inches fell, we got bundled up to join Papa Wade as he shoveled.

Here's Owen, ready to go.. .I think I caught him right as he was about to lick his snotty nose.

Papa Wade introducing the snow "ball".

The wind was so awful that it whipped your face every way you turned... again we stayed out another 3 minutes.
Being inside warm & cozy and playing "Car  Wash" is muuuuuch better.
We still have some snow on the ground from 10 days ago when it initially fell, but finally we live in a city that prepares for winter weather and isn't afraid to use chemicals to keep their humans safe. (Seattle wouldn't use salt because it might disrupt the ecosystem of the Puget Sound and affect the fish. Unfortunately, this caused major vehicle accidents including buses full of people hanging over highways).

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  1. let's sand the roads and destroy everyone's contact lenses with debris that's still around a month after the snow melts. Gotta love Seattle's snow solutions:) I bet once O gets the hang of building snowmen he'll like the snow better:)