Monday, March 11, 2013

Play Dates

It's our first winter back in the Midwest, and I feel like it will never end. I'm not sure why I'm so impatient. After all, it's only March 10 and I lived in Seattle the last 6 winters. Those winters last until 'June-uary', for goodness sake. Nonetheless, we've been trying to have LOTS of play dates with both new friends and old to help pass the time stuck inside.
 Millie and Kaitlyn Wehmeier (no relation to my mom's maiden side... so we think). Both girls are a lot bigger now.
She has an older brother, Evan, who is about 5 months older than Owen. Their mom, Leslie, and I are both MU Nursing grads, and Leslie went to Hazelwood West with Mike. They also love Cardinal baseball. What more could we need in a play date?

You've already seen some reference to this special play date with Tyler (3) & Nathan (11 mo) Francis...the two adorable sons of my amazing friend Ali (Zick) Francis from Kappa @ Mizzou.

Playing intently at the Museum of Transportation.

Ali got all boys engaged in (almost) the same thing at once. Amazing.

 Her boys love to read... but Nathan doesn't love to sit still. I think he started walking at like 9 months or something!! 

Amelia has a new friend, Luca, from church. He was born 9-22-12. We really want to baptize them on the same day, but Mike will be out of town. Maybe they could still get married even if they don't get baptized together.

Last week we went to play with Renee (Davies) Boni & Jessica (Davies) Swain. R&J are the daughters of my mom's great friend, Judy. We all grew up together, and our kiddos are the same ages, too!!
L-R: Ryken Boni (7 mo), Jaxton Swain (2mo), Amelia Wade (4 mo)
Owen (2) and Mckenna Boni (2).. she's a few months older than O. He thanked Jesus for her the other night =)
We've also had lots of great play time with Cousin Ava.
This is Ava at the end of our last play date. Classic.
I've tried to keep our schedules very full. It helps our winter go more quickly; it helps me not to get as frustrated with Owen's nap "issues", and it's helped me not get super anxious that my job search is slow.  (I learned my lesson last time, so I'm going to try to be more picky this time!!).
We do have a great time playing with friends, and we're also very encouraged by the nicer/warmer weather this weekend!!

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  1. I was just thinking last night we need to schedule another play date soon. We miss you guys. I love that Owen thanked Jesus for his friend sweet! Remember those moments when he won't take a nap. ;)