Sunday, March 24, 2013

Greg & Elena's Adorable Ring Bearer

On March 9, we celebrated the nuptials of Greg & Elena Hake (long time family friends). They asked Owen to be their ring bearer, and we were delighted to say 'Yes'!
Although it rained buckets that morning, the sky cleared in time for the ceremony, and the day went off without a hitch!
They were married in St. Mark's UMC, the same church Mike & I were married in almost 4.5 years ago to the day. We were absolutely sure we'd have a romantic and nostalgic experience at their wedding. Then we brought our 2 children... and we were forced to keep them calm and quiet so the real bride & groom could have a romantic and lovely ceremony. I can guarantee Mike & I will not bring our children to a wedding again any time soon!
We loved their ceremony, however, and we were thrilled to be present for their big day!

Our little stud prepping for his big walk down the aisle.  

Playing with cars while he waits.
I don't have any pics of him coming down the aisle, but I can tell you that he was quite enthralled with the petals falling from the flower girl's basket. He really wanted to pick them up, and he walked around her in circles, not quite sure what to do. Alas, the bag of M&Ms in my hand at the end of the aisle ultimately lured him down.

We had great help from both sets of MiMas and PaPas (thank goodness!). I think it broke my dad's heart to snuggle this little one while we waited for O to get his 'professional' pics taken with the wedding party.
I REALLY wanted to get a pic of the 4 of us dressed up. I think it turned out well!

After the ceremony we found ourselves (along with the wedding party) at Fritz's frozen custard. It's where we always go to celebrate! And little did we know that this was the nicest day we were going to get for the next 3-4 weeks, so I'm glad we got outside!

I absolutely LOVE this pic. My mom looks gorgeous with her perfect smile & beaming joy. I also love the fullness of Amelia's cheeks & the way the light is shining through her fine downy hair. Not too bad for a pic from my camera phone! (please ignore the water tank in the background!)
Congrats Greg & Elena! We wish you many years of great blessings.

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