Friday, March 22, 2013

First Cereal

We started cereal the weekend after little Miss turned 5 months. With Owen I was quite opposed to starting any solid foods before 6 months, because there was thought that digestive enzymes weren't plentiful enough to tolerate solid foods, and that  this could cause food allergies. Now, 21 months later, there is new research suggesting that exposure to wheat and other grains before 5.5 months prevents food allergies. What's a mama to do?
So we started at 5 months. From a motor skill perspective, she is certainly strong enough to sit in the high chair (and even unassisted for 5 seconds-ish), and she follows our food & grabs, etc. So we went for it.

She didn't quite go for it. What's this in my mouth?

Not that spoon again!

More out of the mouth than in. I've been working with her every other day since March 9th,
and I'm pretty sure she hasn't swallowed anything in that entire time.
We started with Oats instead of Rice for two reasons:
1. Remember this "Is this poop or chocolate" moment with Owen? Turns out it was poop & it was due to constipation from said rice cereal. Makes sense.. there's little to no fiber in white rice cereal...
2. Remember all of those reports about arsenic found in rice? Yeah it was in baby cereal, too... even the organic stuff. Again, what's a mama to do?

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  1. Can I just say, that has to be one of my favorite pics of Owen...I know, I must be gross! But Millie's got a good one with the 'what in the world is this object doing in my mouth, MOM' face...give them a BIG kiss from us!