Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Owen Year Two: A quarterly Review (Part 1)

Well obviously I've stopped Owen's monthly posts. This is because 1) I wanted to spend more time on Amelia's development (she totally gets the short end of the stick in every other part of my attention) 2) I'm really trying to job search. Honest, really. 3) I actually am totally in love with my husband, and I like to interact with him sans laptop. 4) I'm just tired.

I did want to document some of the absolutely amazing ways he's developing, though.
  • He's counting to 15 or 16, and sometimes he can accurately count objects.
  • He's teasing... saying something is the wrong color to check your reaction.
  • He prays to Jesus. Every night he thanks Jesus for church and his family (he lists everyone out). Some of my additional favorites: Presents, Trash Can, the letter W, Grocery Store, Airports, Salad, Ferrari's, etc.
  • His favorite color is brown. Maybe this is because Oskee, chocolate, and bread are brown?
  • He answers questions. "Owen, what are you doing?" "I good" "I fine".  Ok.. so sometimes the answer doesn't fit.
  • He never uses the word 'Yes'. Instead, he'll say, 'I sure am', 'I sure do', etc.
  • He really needs spring/summer to come because he is too long for all of his winter clothes.
  • He will attempt a behavior and then ask if he gets a time out.. does this mean my disciplinary actions ARE or ARE NOT working?
  • He has HILARIOUS faces: nose scrunched, eyebrows in some dramatic pose, lips pursed. Wish I could get a pic.. I'm tryin.
  • Sometimes understanding opposites.
  • Compared to other kids, it doesn't seem that he wants to be 'Mr. Independent'. We still have a lot of 'Mommy help you?' going on.
  • NO interest in potty training. He FREAKS out if his clothes are off when he doesn't want them to be.
  • He knows 'A' for Amelia, 'D' for Daddy, 'M' for Mommy, and 'O' for Owen. 
  • His current favorite phrase 'Amelia, No'. He doesn't want her touching anything that's remotely close to him, and he often requests that we 'put her on the ground'. However, he can't WAIT for her to wake in the morning, and he loves to be the first to greet her =)
  • He can identify many cars & construction vehicles (IE; monster truck, GTO, Porsche, mustang, Ferrari, mini van, etc). My favorite is the 'Garger'...(Dodge) Charger.

    Contemplative. (My attempt today at getting him to do his 'face').
Classically Boy.

He still loves to stack & line things up. I have an entire blog post working about this...

Love this shot of pure joy. BUBBLES.

What kid doesn't love the ball pit?

Favorite pass time: Inside car washes. This is literally how we've survived the never.ending.winter.of.2013.
Oh, O, we love you so. xo, Mommy & Daddy.

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