Wednesday, June 27, 2012

18 months: Word Explosion

The last month has been busy & stressful, to say the least, but our little Wade has been cool, calm, collected, and flexible. I always prayed that baby #1 would turn out like his daddy, and this month has been a true testament that Owen is built like his daddy both in stature and in temper. He battled his first (double) ear infection this month. But he loved his amoxicillin and consistently asked for more =) He's also been working hard on teeth. We are up to 9.5.... the top left eye tooth has at least broken the skin.

We met our new pediatrician yesterday, and got his 18 month stats:

Weight: 24 lbs 6 oz (25%)
Height: 32 inches (75%)
Head: 18.25 inches (10%)
 This month started out with a long list of goodbyes. One Sunday moring, O and I skipped church and had a brunch for all of my classmates from the DNP program. There has been one priority (besides starting our careers as nurse practitioners) since graduation: childbearing. L-R: Eliyah & Aviana (Twins, 6months), Ian (8 months), O (18 months).. and 2 more girls on the way.

The climbing continues. He'll now climb in his chair when he is ready to eat... though apparently he  wasn't in the mood for picture taking this day.

We're also in to hiding... I often just see feet peeking out.

He's a true German: Socks & Sandals.

Hiding under the table reading magazines. He's just like his daddy and his papa... LOVES to look through magazines and point out pictures that he knows.

So exciting to watch food cooking in the big hot thing.

He loves to take his truck book anywhere. This was his entertainment on our way to Columbia, Sunday.
We celebrated 18 months today playing with Tyler and Nathan in their toy heaven. There were more cars, choo choos, and balls than Owen knew what to do with. He just went from one to the next.. and Tyler was very gracious with his sharing.
Tyler showed Owen a really cool toy (Ali's great garage sale find). Nathan (3 months) is just making sure the boys get along.
I am calling this toy my new babysitter. It's at GaGa and Papa Wade's house, and he will be entertained by it for at least 20 minutes. It's awesome.

How does he sit like this?

Checking out Papa Wade's magazines.

Additional Owen Highlights:
  • He LOVES to read books, and now he'll bring you one and back up to sit in your lap.
  • He cheers for the Cards with clapping and pumping his fist saying "Woot, Woot, Woot"
  • He's definitely running, though he often gets ahead of himself, and now that we are wearing shorts in StL, he's got terribly scraped up knees.
  • He had his first all out tantrum at Target over the 'BIG BALLS' (the red, concrete ones outside of Target). We had played with them a bit before shopping, but apparently not long enough. We cried and cried and cried about the big ball. 
  • Yesterday, he found a baby doll and gave it kisses..unprompted. I bet he'll be a great big brother. 
  • He knows lots of body parts: ears, eyes,  nose, mouth, hair, hands, toes, belly
  • He knows that a Dog says 'ruff' and a monkey says 'ah ah ah'
I have saved our best update for last. His words are EXPLODING. Mike and I tried to write them down on our way to Columbia, and I think we counted 40-ish. Way to go O. Here's our list:

Fish (sshh)
Elmo (melmo)
Bye Bye
 Apple (Bapple)
Big (as in ball or truck)
Pool (learned this once we got to StL, surprise, surprise)
Truck (ck... my dad says, buy a vowel, Owen)
Strawberry (the berry words are a stretch.. I'm not sure I can spell how he says it)
 Grandma (Mi Ma)
Choo Choo
Bus (Buff)
Airplane (ckk)
Turtle (Too-da-loo-da-loo)
Thank you (only Grandmas have heard this one)
Dada (nice and upbeat)
Mama (nice and whiney)
Papa (also up beat)
Cukoo (It's a song)
Cracker (Ca-Ca)

As always, we are more in love with him than we ever thought possible, and we think he's practically perfect in every way (except maybe in the eating department....)

Until next month. Love, Heather

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  1. What a wonderful glimpse into your lives and Owen's development. Thanks for sharing! I cracked up many times! Vivian had a melt down over the big red concrete balls at Target too. Loved by children everywhere!