Friday, June 8, 2012

Memorial Day at Lake Chelan

We spent Mike's last weekend in Seattle... not in Seattle. It's been a stressful few months, and we knew that June was likely to rival Feb, March, April, and May in the stress category, so we decided to head East in search of sun and warmth. Fortunately, our good friends, the Culbertsons, were able to join us, and we had a blast!  We headed out to Lake Chelan, WA on Saturday morning. It was a gorgeous day to drive over Steven's mountain pass into the "desert" climate of Washington State.  

Endless time with Daddy is the absolute best!

We definitely found sun, and even "warm(er)" weather. We had a high of about 70 each day, and to us Seattlites, 70 felt AMAZINGLY perfect. Owen was less offended by the sun than he normally is... maybe it's because he was on vacation? Maybe it's because he could throw endless numbers of rocks into the water?

Amity and Rachel loved the sun too!
Sterling taught her how to skip rocks.

The two kiddos had a blast being on the 'GO, GO, GO'.
I had a great time not having to carry O anywhere the entire weekend! My SI joints really enjoyed our 3 day weekend.

The swing set was just behind our condo. Perfect.
Amity is a FISH. She would even jump in from the side of the pool! Here she is taking a little break in the "cooler floaty" the dads found at Walmart. Turns out it is the perfect size for a toddler.

Owen's favorite part about swimming: the BALL.
O was not quite as brave as Amity.
Amity hid goldfish in the pocket of the cooler floating device. She and O spent time in this in and out of the pool!

A quick 'Watch Baby Einstein on You Tube" break to help the kiddos transition in to nap time.
They both LOVED to be outside on the balcony.

I love her sweet expressions.

Rachel and I went hat shopping. It's too funny..she's so tiny and petite, but her head is bigger than mine! No wonder Owen's head is in the 8th %tile. Both of his parents have small heads.

Quick family shot before we loaded up the car. I'll have to get the one of all 6 of us from Rachel & Sterling.

We had an absolute blast of a time. Amity walked around calling Owen, "Owey". She answers every question with a very affirmative 'YEAH'. "Amity, do you want some breakfast?" "YEAH". "Amity, do you want to go swimming?" "YEAH". She also helped Owen figure out the word Apple. They shared fairly well, but we also had some opportunities for lessons. All 4 of us parents are dreading the fact that they are both old enough to need discipline now...

We ate every meal in because it's so much easier with toddlers, and we barely left the condo's surroundings (lake, pool, swings) except to run by the grocery and explore the "main street". This all worked out perfectly. The kiddos went to bed by 7ish, and then we got in some amazing adult time with Sterling & Rachel.... we hope to have many more memorial day memories to come.....maybe we'll just meet 1/2 way next year?

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