Sunday, June 24, 2012

25 Weeks

Baby Wade at 25 weeks and Baby Willard at 21 weeks
 Week 25 Developments
  • Sweet Baby Girl Wade (who remains unnamed) is about 13.5 inches and she weighs a pound and a half. In otherwords, she's gaining a little bit of body fat.
  • She's also growing more hair, and if we could see her, we would be able to discern her hair and texture. I'm predicting dark and curly. Any thoughts? 
  • She's moving bunches, but differently than Owen (if my memory serves me correctly). I can now see her kicks on the outside... but Mike hasn't been able to catch it quite yet.  

  • Weight: +13lbs  
  • Today I feel great, but it's been a rough week on my back. My SI joints really like to separate early. Twice this week my back has gone out rendering me mostly unable to lift Owen. Thank goodness we are staying at Gaga Wade's house. She whips out the heating pad, the comfy recliner, and goes on baby duty the rest of the day. LOVE her. I'll have to be really careful when our boxes arrive next week. 
  • The heartburn has been much better. I think it's my body just generally loving the sun and heat. 
Spiritual and Emotional
  • Well, we are in StL. My systolic blood pressure has decreased by at least 20 points... though it's likley to go back up next Monday when our 'stuff' is delivered. This week we have just been hanging out with family and a few close friends. Mostly just RELAXING which has been wonderful.
  • We are living in Mike's parents' basement until probably July 4 when we have our furniture in our house and beds set up, etc. We are so grateful to have 2 sets of parents willing to take us in for a few weeks. Staying with the in-laws is preferred this time, though, because Becky is out of school for the summer, so she can play with Owen while I run errands, and Mike & Dave can carpool to work. It's great =)
  • We have the keys to our new house, and I got to see it yesterday; Mike did a great job picking it out for us. I'll get in there this week and deep clean so as to be ready for the delivery of 'stuff'.
  • Our cars arrived on Tuesday, and it is nice to have our own vehicles here. There was not a scratch or dent from the shipping.... just from the trash can I backed in to on Wednesday with the Explorer. Oops... 
  • We've had some correspondence from the bank, so we are praying that the short sale is continuing to progress.
  • I have MEGA preggo brain this week. I drove to Target without my wallet. On that same drive, I convinced myself that the AC was broken in the Tucson. Turns out I haven't used it since last August and I FORGOT how to turn it ON. Thank goodness my dad checked it out before I took it to a technician.
  • I met my new OB on Thursday. He comes highly recommended by Lindsey & all of her friends, and we really liked him too. I'm a little nervous about him being a guy, but I'll give it a go and let you know how it is =) Any recommendations about delivering at St. Luke's vs MoBap?
  • Owen has been an absolute joy and trooper through all of these changes.. but I'll save his updates for the 18 month post due later this week =)

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  1. i was born at St. Lukes!!!! I however of course have no memory of that experience. hahaha.