Saturday, June 2, 2012


19 weeks. Mother's Day 2012.

21 weeks
Just barely needing maternity clothes.. mostly for comfort. As you can see, however, that the maternity pants are all bunched up in the back because I haven't 'grown' in to them yet. Haha. Soon, very soon, I am sure.

Here are the LONG overdue pictures of her sweet face from the ultrasound. Though blurry, this is the best profile shot we could get. She was a wiggle worm. I do love this one, however. I think her spine looks beautiful. Mike thinks anatomy should never be called 'beautiful', but I tend to disagree. She's also waving in this one. Can you see her little hand?

Nothing cuter than tiny baby toes!

Technically this is what is going on this weekWeek 21:
  • Di Di Ga (Owen's version of baby girl) now weighs about three-quarters of a pound and is approximately 10 1/2 inches long (the length of a carrot).
  • She's definitely moving, but I haven't noticed any pattern to her movement yet.
  • Eyebrows and lids are now present
And since I am now 22 are a few 22 week developments:
  • She's developing tiny tooth buds beneath her gums (wonder if hers will take as long to surface as Owen's?)
  • Her eyes have formed, but her irises still lack pigment.
  • Her sweet little body is covered in lanugo (fine hair) and deep skin wrinkles. She'll need a few lbs to help fill those in. 
  • The pancreas & accompanying hormones are developing steadily. 
  • Weight: At my appointment last week (20 weeks) I was +8lbs for a grand total that you are welcome to guess. 
  • I feel wonderful. My energy is great, aside from the fact that I am a senior citizen and go to bed between 9:30 & 10. 
  • My heartburn this go around is impressive. When I use impressive in a medical sense, it's generally not a good thing for the person (at this time, me) experiencing the symptom. I get heartburn (already) with water, and I can assure you that the tomato soup I ate to clear out the pantry was not a good idea. It does seem, however, that ice cream goes down just fine. Phew. 
  • I feel a bit like I've 'popped'. The 21 week picture was taken a week ago, and the view from above feels different this week.
Spiritual and Emotional
  • It is a huge blessing that we have a contract on the house. Now we just wait for the bank. I'm certain I'll have given birth to Adorabelle before we have closure on this house situation. But, nonetheless, God is good, and we have a huge step in the right direction.
  • I'm still antsy to get to StL, especially since Mike is already there. He had a great first day and is already cracking up at the cultural differences between SEA and STL. I'm sure this will provide some entertainment for some time to come.
  • Single-momming it with O has required extra grace (not a surprise), but it's mostly because he's sick and teething. He can't help being uncomfortable & running fevers...... He might have been able to prevent pooping in the tub yesterday, but we don't have a way to communicate about that yet. Add it to the list of things to work on.
  • I just watched the movie How Does She Do It with SJP & it allowed me to revisit the fact that I am completely undecided about if/when I will work before all of my children are in kindergarten. It's just so darn hard... but then it's so darn rewarding to be a little bit professional. Next time I start a new job/career, I'll try not to get preggo within the first 6 weeks and then plan a cross country move & sell a house.
  • I am still definitely 'teary', but I've been able to hold it together for the most part. With Owen I was an emotional basket case, so I am enjoying the control I do have.
  • I am in a weird time of 'goodbyes'. It's now fairly certain that it's the last time I'll see these friends for quite some time. Closure can some times be hard, uncomfortable, etc.... but it's time to move forward.  

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