Monday, January 2, 2012

Merry and Happy 1st of Everything

We have just returned from an amazing 12 day vacation to STL celebrating Christmas and MANY birthdays: GaGa Wade, Grandma Cooper, Owen's 1st, and my 30th. I will devote more time to pictures, and descriptions soon, but I wanted to post some teasers.

Merry Magical Christmas morning. He was more interested in the paper than the gifts.

He loved his first bite of sugar, and he had no trouble eating the entire cupcake.
He ended his birthday with a fever of 103 and a subsequent diagnosis of roseola =(  Poor little love.

We're all glad to be back home, and Oskee hasn't left her bed since we picked her up this morning. I start my new job on Wednesday, so please be patient with the posts... but know that we wish you a happy and healthy start to your 2012.

xoxox, Heather

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