Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Crazy Cooper Christmas

On Christmas morning we had some home made cinnamon rolls at the Wades (thanks to Dax for whipping those up), and then we headed over for a fun-filled day at the Coopers.

I tried to get Owen to wear his Christmas hat just one last time!

Look at that baby boy standing. We are working on the 'no-hands' stand. He's still pretty tentative.

Love this wrapping job by Uncle Steven.

Starting to finally getting the hang of unwrapping.

This year Ryan, Steven, and I all had one thing in common: budgetary restraints. So my mom came up with a new family tradition to play a game. I'm not sure what it's called.. maybe White Elephant? Either way, we had a blast. We each contributed a few cheap gifts, and then took turns opening, stealing, and laughing hysterically. My mom bought ridiculously random gifts, and it seemed my dad opened all of them. We'll keep this tradition for sure!

Steven got some MTN Dew.. a perfect gift for him!

Uncle Ryan with a coffee mug.. a perfect gift for him!

My dad opened up dog bones, flowery lotion, and a loofah.... dare I say perfect gifts for him?  

Later in the day, the Wehmeier Party of 5 came over for dinner. Sometimes I don't know how my Uncle Jay has survived so long living with Aunt Sharon, Katie, Kelley, and Kayla! They are hysterical, and once again wore Owen out. He really liked cousin Kelley, and he even fell asleep on her shoulder for 30 minutes!

The whole gang in the living room. Great-grandma enjoyed all of the commotion too!

Abbey is still kickin it. She'll be 16 this year...

We stayed with the Cooper clan for the remainder of the trip and celebrated the mega-birthday week from their home base! Owen's fever really kicked it up a notch on the 26th, so we had a quiet Mizzou bowl party. We also had a VERY special visit from Kim Dodson who got to meet Owen for the first time. Thanks so much for spending time with us!

Stay tuned for Owen's 1st birthday party post extravaganza!

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