Sunday, January 15, 2012

12 months: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

I know that he is now 12.5 months old, and I am already taking notes for his 13 month post, but I think it's still important to highlight our little man's VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY! Here's the invite, for those of you who haven't seen it!

So we celebrated St. Louis Cardinal style. I wanted to have a theme to really separate it from all Christmas celebrations. Everyone wore their Cardinal red, and we had a great time!

Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks

I don't care if I EVER get back. For it's ROOT ROOT ROOT for the Cardinals!
Baseball Cupcakes for O and German Chocolate for Grandma Cooper!
Livi looks like a princess no matter what she's wearing!
Uncle Ryan & Steven really got in to it!

For more pictures of the party.. click on this link: Cupcake Master. I couldn't figure out how to post the slide show this time. It used to stream out of Picasa Web Albums, but now my options have changed once I joined Google +. (Sorry Chelsea, I am helpless!). You can also check out Alison's blog for some great shots!

He did an impressive job with the cupcake!

And kept his shirt clean! He's his daddy's boy!

We had an amazing time visiting with family and friends! Thanks to the Willards, the Wrights, Nina, Frank, Ali & Tyler for making the trek to St. Charles to celebrate with us!

Unfortunately Owen ended the party with a fever of 103. We got some more cuddle time in, though.
Also, don't you love this picture?!

In other 12 month news, our little squirt weighed in at 21lbs 6oz (25%) and is 30.5 inches long (75%). I forget his head circumference, but it's still small (10%)! He is a Cooper-Wade, that's for sure!
  • At his 12 month birthday, he still only had ONE tooth, but stay tuned for the 13 mo post. We've made some progress in that area!
  • He is starting to imitate more which I find to be so so exciting! He imitates brushing hair and some vocal sounds. 'Dog and Bop'
  • He says 'DOG' constantly.. and he actually knows what a DOG is!
  • He LOVES to be chased. We crawl after him and he just takes off. He usually finds sanctuary underneath a chair or table. Somewhere we obviously can not get. Smart little fella.
  • He CAN stand on own, but it's very occasional and he can't be concentrating on it. He still seemingly has no interest in walking, but I have noticed his feet are flattening out, and his toes are uncurling. As little as even a month ago his toes were still so curled under that the skin would macerate!
  • He has mastered going forward UP the steps and backward DOWN the steps.
  • He still has his eyebrows raised all of the time.
  • When he wakes up in the morning and I pick him up out of the crib, he sticks his hand straight up in the air like he's hailing a cab. I've yet to figure out what this means!
  • Oskee is still his best friend (much to her dismay), and he loves to 'deliver' toys to her while she is lying on her bed.
  • When he plays he breathes really loud and hard.. like he's working out. We crack up. 
  • It is so much more fun to see him in action than to try to describe it in words. Though I like doing this so that I can look back and remember, I really hope 2012 is the year in which we move closer to most of you so that you can know him like we do.
Happy New Year! Love, The Wades

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