Friday, January 27, 2012

13 months: Monkey See, Monkey Do

Well we are having an absolute blast here in Seattle. Owen has been increasingly fun by the day, and we've had a major vocab explosion. New words:

Dog: "Dah...."
Uh Oh: "Uh Oh" (this one is pretty right on)
Dad: "Dad" or "Dada"
Bath Time: "Ba Ba"
Car: "Gock" (I don't know.. but it's clearly what he means!)

We also LOVE to climb stairs and go back down. He especially loves to throw something down the stairs, watch it fall, and go after it. Mike informs me that this will never change. Boys love to watch things fall.. water balloons, balls, their spit, etc.

Love this Owen face. "What mom?"

Grandma and Papa Cooper gave Owen a Cadillac of wagons for his first birthday. You'll see that he brought some toys to ride with him. It's super cool because it has the capacity to buckle-in 2 kids!

Loves to climb in the drawers...

He loves to eat shredded cheese, and often saves some for later! Meal time is now aided by 'MORE'. He has conquered the sign and it's meaning.. and he's pretty aggressive about it =)

I didn't want to disturb the girls to capture Owen's first meeting of Eliya and Aviana Martinez (born 12-13-11). One was 4lb15oz, and the other just slightly over 5lbs!

"I love playing with balls"

On the 15th we had a 1st birthday party for all of the boys in our PEPS group. It's awesome to see how grown up they look! Many of the boys had already had haircuts, and they looked so sharp! It inspired me to make an appointment for Owen.

L-R: Owen, Madden, James, Clive, Will, and Kyle in the front. Ben is half cut off on the left side of the picture.

The party was at Madden's house, and they have this humongous school bus.. in their kitchen. The size of their house is ridiculous!

Owen is showing off his new favorite food, PEANUT BUTTER!

Love when I can catch a sweetsie smile!

Last week we had a lot of snow days. Will lives close, so he and his mama came over to play!

Climbing in the kitchen drawer. Instead of correcting him, I grabbed the camera. #terribledisciplinarian.

On snow day #4, I had to break out something new... so I put in a Baby Einstein for the 1st time. He LOVED it. Oh my goodness, he pulled up on the TV stand and shouted 'Di Di Di Di Di' and laughed and laughed. I guess it was a hit. Maybe it actually will help him learn numbers.

He likes to push both toys at the same time. This week, also, he's really been standing a lot on his own too. I'm fairly confident that by the 14month update he'll be walking.

Other big news is that we now have FOUR teeth! We went from 1 to 4 in the last 4 weeks! Here's his top two, and the second bottom one just came through on Tuesday.

Our first post-snow day outing was for Owen's first haircut! I made an appointment with Sarah, and we went to a super fun kids salon here in Bellevue. Owen got to sit in this neat fire truck, and she even let him play with a comb (his favorite). He tried to assist a few times by combing his hair.

Sarah was fast, and sweet, and totally worth the $30 I paid for the haircut. Ok, I didn't know it was going to be $30, but it's a special occasion.

Our little Seattleite and his mo-hawk.

All Done! So so handsome.

Owen wanted to show off his cool shirt.

Another 'classic' Owen face. His professor look continues and is now accompanied by pursed lips.

Double fisting the milk and water. He usually has something in each hand, and he usually doesn't put the items down to crawl, either. 

He is also imitating sticking out tongue, clicking his tongue, playing peek-a-boo, laughing, and most sounds that we challenge him with. It's amazingly fun!

Our sleep schedule has changed a bit, too. He's now sleeping about 11 hours at night, meaning he has woken up between 6 & 6:15 am for the last month. Dear God, will this change soon? Maybe I should be grateful, because it has stimulated a new onset of morning naps ranging from 60-90 minutes =)

Thanks for joining in our fun!

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