Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Month Old!!

Well we all made it to one month! Praise Jesus. Papa Cooper put it best when he described learning how to parent is like 'drinking from a fire hose'. Well we Wades are well hydrated because we've been doing a lot of 'drinkin', and we're having a blast. .

Little Owen is somewhat in a routine. He likes to sleep ~ 11 hours a day. Most of those occur in long spurts during the night time (!) and for that, this mama is incredibly grateful. During the day, he is awake and alert and loves to be entertained and held, like all baby boys should! He's usually great during the day and turns in to Mr. Fussy Pants around 6 or 7pm... poor Mike gets the hard shift every day.

As he is currently draped over my left arm, this post will be short on words and heavy on pictures.

Please enjoy some photos from the last month!

Burrito Baby Boy

This was taken in the 1st week. He is SO alert. And, every time you place him against a brown background, his hair looks really red!

Sprawled out. His legs are stretched too... he must have  been really cramped in the womb!

1st bath! So far..he is not a fan of the water...

This is his current position, and one that works frequently to help his gas =)

Owen in his 'Uncle Ryan' hat

He loves play time!!

Our visit with Gaga and Papa Wade... I'll post more about our wonderful visitors retrospectively later...

Sweet Cheeks =)

Mommy and Owen dressed up for a baby shower, Week 3

We have at least an hour of snuggle time in the morning. l.o.v.e this time!!

They match! I do love a man in a burp cloth. It's a necessity around here. Yesterday we went through 4 outfits!
Loving his 'skin to skin' time with Daddy
Smile or gas? You tell me...

First Walk!

This picture was just taken this week. Mike and I think it captures him perfectly! He's now in 0-3 month sizes (no more newborn), so he could wear his new outfit!

Mike and I are just in love and enthralled with this little man. We love his facial expressions, the way he moves his eyebrows up and down constantly, his dramatic little pouts, his snuggle time, his coos, and his ever alert eyes. He is truly a gift from God.

I am signing off from my first one handed post. With so much love, a proud proud Mama


  1. obsessed. i cannot wait to meet him!!!!!!!!! you say the word and i'll be there (when you are ready - duh, take your time)!

  2. I too love this little guy! And can we say, Mike with those eyes. I know you knew all along, but that last picture really did it for me, little Owen is a hybrid boy (and one gorgeous hybrid if you ask me!!) ;)