Thursday, January 20, 2011


I used tummy time today as a photo op to show off this little man's cloth diapers.. and his skinny skinny legs! I am just starting the cloth diapering, so any hints are VERY welcome.

It looks like the diaper swallowed him......
This is how Owen feels about tummy time... some day he will like it. He is getting so strong, though, and he can hold his head up for a few seconds! I am a proud momma.

More to come soon (maybe this weekend). In the mean time, I need to take advantage of this precious time that he is sleeping in the Moby. We are having a blast.

xoxox, Heather and little O-bug


  1. I was never brave enough to try cloth diaper so no advice here! I am sure he will grow into the diapers. I love the photos so keep them coming! Hugs and kisses. XOXO

  2. Hey Heather!
    You know me and my love for cloth....PLEASE feel free to ask if you ever have questions about using them. I cannot believe its been 3.5yrs since we've been using them so we've seen the good, bad, and ugly.
    I LOVE LOVE the newbies in the cloth diapers...they swallow those chicken legs whole:) We actually got some swaddlebees AIO dipes for Mar's newborn stage, but preferred Fuzzi Bunz and just bought extra-small FB for Benen. You'll be shocked at how fast Owen will grow into them though...and that will make you sniffle 'cause no one wants those sweet newborns to grow up fast.
    LOVE seeing the photos!
    May I have your address too? You can email me or FB message me. Thanks!
    Peace and lots of kAMB LOVE!!