Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2010 was an absolute blast. Dave and Becky came in to town to celebrate with us, and I am just constantly amazed by my wonderful my in-laws. 

Thanksgiving morning started out with a black cloud of smoke escaping my oven as I pulled out breakfast. The sauce on my monkey bread leaked out of the pan and melted into a thick goo on the bottom of the oven. That wasn't my ideal plan for impressing the in-laws, but I'm sure it will turn in to a story for years to come. We all took turns scraping the goo off of the bottom so that we could turn the oven back on to roast the turkey.
Fortunately, we got the oven clean as a whistle, and that turkey roasted up in no time. It turned out well, thanks much to Becky who was a huge help making dinner! I couldn't have done it without her!

This picture is blurry, but I thought it was adorable. Poor Oskee is used to her sleep, and she really wore out trying to keep up with 4 adults for 4 days.

D&B also helped us pick out colors for the nursery, and so Mike has been working hard yesterday and today getting it painted! My back is out of sorts, so I've just been helping with the taping/prep, etc. He's doing a fantastic job!!

Here's a picture against the newly painted nursery wall. BBW @ 36 weeks. I didn't buy the crenshaw melon for this week because we all know that the baby is bigger than a silly melon anyway. Besides, where does one find a crenshaw melon?

I officially feel much bigger in the last few days...

 Here's another great shot of our Oskee girl. She loved licking up the turkey juice that dripped on the floor...

Today we took her to the Christmas tree farm, and she had a blast smelling everything and getting muddy. The tree is now in the house, and it smells fantastic in here!

We are so blessed and thankful for family, friends, health, and this tiny babe on the way. Mike and I are getting so excited to meet Owcy!

Until next week.... we love you all!!


  1. You are the CUTEST, freakin' pregnant girl I've ever seen. Those pics of you are magazine worthy!! I love you and canNOT wait to see your precious little baby!!!!!!

  2. You look wonderful! Enjoy your sleep these last few weeks. I cannot wait to see photos of little Owcy!