Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Honeydew" list

It's crunch time around the Wades.. we are counting down to only 5 weeks left before little Owcy's arrival! Our honey-do list is growing and shrinking at the same time. I suppose that is good, as we are at least getting some things accomplished! If only we didn't keep adding to it as well.... We've got the dresser/changing table in the nursery and loaded with clean newborn clothes. Mike's been working hard getting new blinds and curtains hung in the nursery, and soon we may tackle some painting. He's also currently working hard on making dinner, and it smells delicious in here. You are all welcome to come to the Wades tonight. I have got a keeper, that's for sure!

 Here's 35 weeks. Baby should be about 18 inches long and tipping the scales at 5 1/4 lbs...

We are hoping Baby is that big at least. My measurements at this week's OB appointment haven't changed since they last measured two weeks ago, so they are concerned that little Owcy isn't growing. We're scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday to make sure everything is ok. It is going to be so so hard for me to not peak when they are down in that 'gender revealing' area. Mike is committed to the surprise though, so I think we'll turn away again!

Re: the not growing baby.. .worst case scenario is that they have to induce me after the ultrasound if they are really concerned. So, even the worst case scenario results in a healthy baby in our arms. We'll keep you updated though!

As I get closer to delivery, I get more and more emails about the pregnancy do's and dont's, checklists, coupons, etc etc. This week I got an email about the craziest celeb baby names of the year.. aren't you glad we didn't chose any of these names:
Draco Verta (boy).. I love Harry Potter as much as the next guy, but really?
Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (boy).. Mike Cooper says 'Don't poke the bear". Likely you shouldn't name your child anything with bear in it either..
Sundance Thomas Jennings (boy). Sounds kind of girly to me...
Beatrix Carlin Sweetin Coyle (girl), as in Potter?
Amadeus Benedict Edley Luis Becker (boy). Looks like they couldn't make a decision here.

Here's a quick Papa Cooper update: His heart procedure went well last week and he is back to work and feeling well! We are so glad! Also, we are anticipating a wonderful visit from Gaga and Papa Wade for Thanksgiving, and we're SO excited.

Thanks for your prayers and your love of Baby Wade. We appreciate you! Love, Mike, Heather, and little Owcy


  1. you look great heather! wish mike, abbie and i were close enough to pop in and enjoy some of mike's cooking! since you invited! haha
    will be praying for owcy and the US on tues. will be anxious to hear! love the monsarrats