Friday, November 12, 2010

parenting prep

This blog post is brought to you by insomnia, heartburn, and hunger. How do those things go together? Well, I think it's just called: the third trimester. It's good prep for what is to come, and I've been sleeping really well this week (especially for me), so I don't mind being up at 2:45 to share with you all. Both TUMS and oatmeal have also been ingested, so now I just wait for that all to kick in and re-try this nights sleep. In the mean time, I'll share with you what has been going on in the world of the Wades this week.

Another terrible  symptom that I am experiencing is the loss of my uterine tracking device. Let me explain. When I was growing up, my brothers, dad, and I would consistently lose or misplace things in the house. This was no big deal because we lived with Jill Cooper who has a fantastic 'uterine tracking device' as we called it. She always knew where everything was (even when I was trying to hide something under my bed). She's so good. Up until now, I had inherited her uterine tracking device. Praise the Lord! Apparently, my uterus is otherwise occupied because I have lost some things this week that apparently I depend on a lot... my blue tooth, my palm pilot with my medical programs (it's where I look everything up), etc. I feel so handicapped! I need this device back. So now I am on to praying to St. Anthony.. "Tony, Tony, look around, some thing's lost and must be found....."

Mike and I are slowly entering the world of parenting by caring for this little Oskee. We think it's hilarious how we negotiate who will take her out for her morning/evening walk based on our schedule for the next day. She's recently recovering from a UTI (poor pup), and so we've been discussing her excretion at length. But she is giving us (or at least me) a run for our money the last few weeks. Mike is so much more patient with her than I am (I am sure that does not shock any of you), but I am frustrated! She's eating the strangest things.. literally my homework (I swear, the dog ate it), CDs, pens, two of my textbooks this week, her plastic 'pet hair magnet/remover', 1/2 a loaf of bread (off of the tall counter..explain that one), etc. She's also taking up peeing in the house (mind you this is after the UTI was diagnosed and a week plus into her antibiotics). These recent behaviors are a stark contrast to when we first brought her home in July, so I'm confused! I'm not a huge fan of this behavior, and I am just so frustrated because I don't know how to communicate with her... hence the parenting prep. I think this is all just a tiny morsel of a taste of what is to come. So Mike is researching to remedy the 'bored' dog scenario, and I am working on my patience. If any of you dog owners have any advice, it would be appreciated!

Ok.. enough complaining. Here's a BLESSING!! Baby Wade is moving like crazy, and Mike gets to feel it all of the time. Many many times a day I see a 'nobbly bit' (foot, elbow, knee, etc) sticking out of my belly, and I love it! We are So blessed by a healthy 34 week baby.

Well.. it appears I have also lost the cord that uploads pictures from the camera to the computer. I'll look for it this weekend and try to post the 34 week picture with the cantaloupe.

Thanks for enduring this long post! Love, Heather, Mike, Owcy, and Oskee

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  1. Wow Heather, I just ran across your blog!! You didn't tell me you had a blog. =) This is great!