Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is Coming...

The goose is getting fat. This year, I am the goose! Actually.. I feel very compact. I can't believe I am already this pregnant.

This post about the past week is a bit delayed, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

Babycenter says that BBW should weigh about 6 1/3 pounds @ 37 weeks, but we know from the US that it's likely bigger than that! However, I must say that we saw the OB today, and she thinks the baby will stay less than 8 lbs based on my measurements. I suppose it's any one's guess at the point. Either way, BBW is at least 19 inches, head to heel (like a stalk of Swiss chard).

 This past weekend, Mike and I got to see Illinois play BBALL at the 'Battle of Seattle"; Illini vs Gonzaga. We had a blast with friends from both Illinois and Gonzaga. I crack up at Mike at sporting events.. he can not be disturbed as he is so intent on everything on the field/court etc. I love his concentration. I tried not to ask too many questions, and I think I succeeded. Haha.

 Illini won! They looked great. Let's hope they don't keep up that cohesive team-ness so that Mizzou can beat them on the 22nd in the Bragging Rights game. If Baby Wade isn't here by then.. I am counting on that game to send me in to labor =)

 On the way to game we were stuck in traffic on I-5, and we happened to be behind what (to us) was an absolutely hilarious dichotomy of Christmas trees. The SUV on the left went the classic route, but this Lexus in front of us had a disaster on top of it. We laughed for 5 minutes.. I must admit this was much needed comic relief because we were just leaving a scene which included the dog eating my parents Christmas gifts and many tears shed by the uber-prego woman. Poor Mike. Nonetheless, we appreciated this Charlie Brown moment..
 Sunday I was blessed with baby shower #3 thrown by a lovely group of ladies from Church. It was wonderful. L-R: Beth, Wendy, Steph, Yours Truly, Rachel, Danielle, and Rachel. They had great games, company, food, etc, and it's always wonderful to spend a Sunday afternoon in the company of great ladies.

 We've also been working hard on the nursery. Mike is done painting, and it looks absolutely beautiful! The next few pics are the 'finished product' of what we plan to have done before the baby comes. Here's the cradle which we will keep in our room. This way we can leave the guest bed up for a few weeks so that grandparents can come stay!!

 The walls look fresh, clean, bright, and beautiful. Also.. these are the curtains made by Grandma Cooper. Don't they look fabulous?? She also made the crib skirt (equally beautiful and to be highlighted later).

Here's the dresser of our dresser + crib combo set. It's full of clean clothes and just waiting for baby! Let the nesting begin (or continue)...

I had a strange dream this week that I actually gave birth to triplets. Two of them were newborns, and one was the size of a 4 year old. I was so stressed out b/c I didn't have any clothes for the 4 year old =(. My mom thinks maybe this is foreshadowing.... I hope not!

Ok, I know I'll be 38 weeks tomorrow, so I will post pics of this week soon. I have to run by the store, though, for my veggie of the week. I just have 2 days left in this quarter.. that includes 2 papers, 2 presentations, and a day of clinicals. I am so close I can taste it. I've never wanted a quarter to end so badly.. there are SO many other WAY more important things to think about right now....

We LOVE you all, and we can't believe we'll get to introduce you to Baby Wade THIS month!


  1. Those are the cutest freakin' curtains I've ever seen...good job Grandma Cooper!! Love the cradle, you're the cutest--and what in God's name did you make with a stalk of Swiss Chard?!

  2. I love reading your blog - it makes me smile everytime. We will be at the Braggin' Rights game cheering on the Tigers! We will be thinking of you if BBW is not here already. Also, I must say you look much better in black and gold (rather than that obnoxious orange color!) Sorry, Mike! Just kidding, Coop! You always look beautiful! I just had to get that little jab in there toward the Illini. I am so excited for BBW to arrive and the photos to continue. XOXO