Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rainbow Play House Play Date

Owen LOVES his friend Tyler. We talk about Tyler almost daily. 'Tywer is my favorite'. Turns out, Tyler's mommy, Alison, is also one of my favorites. We've been friends for 13 years or something now... can you believe that Ali? Ali's a well-balanced, working mom, who pinterests and is uber present during her 'at home' time with her 3 boys. She must not sleep.. but I sure do look up to her!
The never ending winter of 2014 led us to pick an indoor playground. This Rainbow warehouse sells these $15,000 play gyms for kids, but you can play in the warehouse for just $5. Ali and I obviously brought the catalog home to our hubbies because we've been saving for just this.

Millie liked the slide on the ground, unattached to any gym.

Grant, 3 months (at the time), was a gem at the gym. Turns out he's just a gem in general. He might just talk me in to #3 sooner rather than later.  

Nathan (2) did a great job keeping up with the big boys.

Millie loved the swing, too. 

And climbing....

Superstar mom holding 50+ pounds of toddler. I know the lighting isn't great, but I just loved the pic.

Owen and 'Tywer' had a total ball.

And Mills couldn't even make it home...
Thanks for hanging out with us, Francis clan. We heart you!

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  1. Awe, LOVE YOU ALL! Tyler loves is friend Owen too! He just asked me last night when we get to see Owen again and go to his playground. We had such a blast!