Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Parkway Classes, Again!

We did another 'Family Fun' class at the Parkway Early Childhood Center this winter. These classes are a great way to get the kids out of the house, learning, & exploring. I also like having activities like these because that's when the 'fun' mom in me comes out....when we're out! At home I feel bogged down with chores, meals, planning, etc. I wish I was a better play mom at home.. but alas, I get them out to do fun things!
Can we please share that big tray of sand?

No surprise that Owen's favorite class had the theme, 'On the Go'. Racing cars down a gutter sure is a great idea!

Beep Beep! She's a cozy coupe lover!

They let the kids play, climb, and do whatever they want for the first 15 minutes. Then they are so much more focused on the class agenda. It's pretty genius to me... maybe I should take note of this tactic.

No fear Millie, climbing away.


Shaving cream on tin foil. Super fun.

My little girl loves play doh. It can entertain her for a while.. which is great because all of a sudden she's acting one! She's in to everything....

Two Wades in a little house.
Pretty impressive tower, O!

Millie wanted to join in on the fun at this table.

Food coloring + corn syrup = sticky mess for an 18mo old.

But pretty cool for a 3 year old!

This was Millie's favorite activity of any session. Playing in colored, cold spaghetti. The object for the older kids was to practice cutting, but she could not get enough of this texture!

Owen works hard at his fine motor skills!

Ok, I'll try to cut, too... but really I just want to play in this!

Dipping marshmallows in paint.

Fun & messy!

Dipping cars in paint and running them along the table.
I love that these classes provide an environment for all sorts of sensory experiences that I don't have to clean up! Once I tried to make red & green finger paint with condensed milk. It was an awesome activity..but it resulted in baths and mopping. Lots of energy.
Owen is much more interested in the motor activities than the art activities, and once again he prefers not to have his hands 'too' dirty. Millie would be covered in paint from head to toe, and then she would try to eat it. I love watching them explore.
And now on to park season... much cheaper and more flexible. Welcome, spring!!!

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