Sunday, April 27, 2014


This is sort of the post that's the iPhone clean out from March & early April. Mike was in SoCal (eating delicious fish dinners) most of March, so we tried to plan fun outings.
We ended the month at the Lake of the Ozarks with Mima & Papa Wade.
Claire (and baby girl in utero), Adam, and Georgie (as O calls him) drove down an hour or so from Columbia to spend Saturday with us Wades. We hadn't seen Georgie in about 10 weeks and WOW has he changed. He is an animated little ham with delightful animal sounds and facial expressions to boot. I'm thinking he looks like his mom and has his dad's personality. Can't wait to spend more time with this little guy!
Sunday morning we drove to PB1 (Public Beach) for a little playing in the sand. We had intended to hike, but I had a *touch* of Millie's GI bug that erupted in car seat vomit on the way to the lake. Those Ozark hills did me in.. so I tried to maintain my cookies while the kids played. Turns out we also passed this bug to Mima & Papa Wade... sorry again about that :/

A stunning view from the Lake Condo. I think it was this night that we rented American Hustle. It was up for a lot of awards right... well we must not be movie buffs because we all gave it two thumbs down!

We also paid a little visit to GG one afternoon. O loves to visit her because she buys him oreos and popcorn. This particular day she chose to sit and visit in a room that was playing a terminator movie (loud enough for the entire nursing home to hear). Owen was enthralled with his first shoot em' up movie, and he's still talking about the 'Bad Guys' and 'the fuel tanker that blew up'. Next time we'll have to find a different room in which to eat our oreos.

We also had a great (still chilly) play date with Evan & Kaitlyn Wehmeier at the transportation museum. I took the boys on the (very) cold train ride.

And Leslie (E&K's) mom fed fruit snacks to the girls. We were too cheap to buy train tickets for the girls.. so we tried to lure them away with food. I'm not sure Baby Kate went for our trick... though she does love to eat just as much as Millie.

Wore her out at the museum!

One sunny & warm-ish day while Mike was away we joined the rest of the city of St. Louis at the zoo. We went after naps, so there was actually parking in the lot, but the place was still a zoo.
We also saw a girl fight that resulted in the loss of a fair amount of weave ;) Stay classy St. Louis!

It was so congested leaving the zoo that we crossed the highway and had a picnic
dinner at turtle park where the kids could continue to climb & play.
Like I've said before I loooove getting these kids out of the house. And I so appreciate all of the grandparental help during March when M was gone. It made some days infinitely easier! xo

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